“I want to have a baby, give him to someone to train and return after 5 years” ~ Lady says

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A Nigerian doctor, Ifunanya Igwueze, has shared her views on child training, and how she isn’t ready to be deprived of sleep by her child.

According to Ifunanya, she really wants a baby, but then, she doesn’t think she’s ready to have someone disturbing her sleep and study time.

Taking to Twitter, Ifunanya solicited advice from people who also feel that way about raising babies.

In her words;

“I want to have a baby, give him to someone to train and return after 5 years. I don’t want someone disturbing my sleep and study time..

I may break down. Raising a child gives me more anxiety than pregnancy and labour. Do you have such anxiety? What should we do about it?”

See comments and reactions

Vera Onyekwere: This is the reasons why someone Is still single like this thing is not easy ooo imagine a man will come back and tag u lazy , only taking care of child is really home work, imagine poor people how the cope with the poor facilities and financial support the still come out of it. Honestly appreciate ur woman

Jennifer Okonkwo: You all don’t have to crucify her,it’s her fears and I understand her,some people give birth and fall into depression and even try to be suicidal when they don’t have someone to help and care for them,some are scared of breastfeeding,some needed some more time before thinking of pregnancy and child bearing,so let’s respect another person’s fears and deal with ours.

Frances Ibeneme: Chai…Different strokes for different folks….Whenever I think of having babies, what I long for is the infant stage…I love tiny babies…l would wanna touch their tiny feet, cute nose, adorable chubby cheeks, wrap their tiny hands around my finger😍😍…I’ld love to care for them and nurse them at that stage even more…👶

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Ade Josephine: I do have anxiety whenever I think about giving birth like my heart beats fast… I don’t watch videos of labour coz I can’t stand it when looking at it and my mind is telling me that’s me in few years time gosh 😳🥺… but raising kids is ok and awesome to me … guess everyone have their fight

Lizzy Iyamba: Every body has their weekpoint on dis motherhood issue, Me be telling my frnd if it do be possible to carry my pregnancy go give my mom when is due time so she give birth on my behalf I’ll so like it,don’t like like d idea if me giving birth so scared of that stuff ,but I love children even knowing is not easy to breed dem,I love kids

Symply Rita: Look at this one ooh🙄🙄 there’s absolutely nothing Rita won’t see in this life. you want to have a baby but you can’t take care of your baby? Who does that? If you can’t nurture your new born, how will you be able to do omugwo for your daughter when she gets married in the future? Ehn miss “I don’t want someone disturbing my sleep”. We shouldn’t always think of the present but also the future. Because whatever we do today, whether good or bad affects us in the future either positively or negatively.

Inimfon Ekong: My dear even as a boxer my greatest fear is giving birth and raising a child, imagine only big d*ck will make you feel so much pain talk more of a full human being passing through there. Imagine when alarm rings in the morning and you still want to sleep more talk more of when your baby starts crying every 2 hours at night for breast milk. Hmmm women are really trying oh I pray I meet a man who will let his egos go, love and cherish me for all the sacrifices

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Michael Tricia: As If your mother gave such conditions during your birth raising stage. If you ain’t ready to sacrifice your sleep and study Time for child that came from you then don’t bother thinking of birthing at all. See her face when bend like aso rock

Clerk Seir: That is what she wants don’t impose your opinion on others, she must not follow the trend, if that is what she wants, good luck to her, nobody gives you certificate for that, I will always say it, do what makes you happy and damn whatever anyone says or thinks, the world is evolving,.learn to mind your business and your lane, madam, if you have the money, do it, so far you are happy.

Divine Wisdom: Research has shown that a child that you didn’t breastfeed won’t have that motherly feelings.you have to also bear in mind that there are little or no woman who can take care of a child like the way his mom would do….. you can’t be considered a mother simply because you gave birth to a child but because you played certain role.

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