I was sexually assaulted by my lecturer in UNIBEN 32 years ago- Nollywood Actress, Ameze Imarhiagbe reveals


Popular Nigerian Actress, Amaeze Imarhiagbe has divulged to her fans that she was sexually assaulted by one of her lecturers while she was a student at the University of Benin.

According to the thespian, the incident happened 32 years ago and that it haunted her for so many years.

She took to her IG page to share ;

”Listen to me!!!!

If you’ve ever raped a woman and went scott-free, you are nothing but a lifeless insect.

You see! Rape is a grievous sin. No matter how hard you try to turn a new leaf after playing with the lives of many, nemesis will find you. Yes! Even in your old age!

I was sexually assaulted by my supervisor at the University of Benin 32 years ago. He was someone I trusted and felt I could count on. I carried the grief for years but got stronger because I knew I needed to be strong.

If you’ve ever assaulted anyone in secret, I tell you… you need some serious cleansing. Not for you but for your beautiful children and grandchildren unborn! They don’t deserve to go through hell while paying for your sins. Pray for them!”

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Confidence Ogbuji: Sorry dear, thank God you are doing well today. No one will believe your story now, some will even say why didn’t you say it then, and why are you bringing it up now. Say it so that you will be free from it.

Benita Mark: HAnty on behalf of we uniben students especially ugbowo campus we no dey argue you but be calming let me invite indabosky to investigate…🥴🥴if this has been in existence since 32years ago ,what of we who are still schooling in uniben🙄🙄I cover my face with ugbowo charcoal 🧐😂

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Onwuebo Ifeanyichukwu:Most lecturers get this table

I’m afraid of bringing a female child to this nonsense country

Patience Akpan: My dear thank God u are doing well now, some lecturers will not make heaven, even if they make heaven they won’t see Jesus. Abi u wan charge them for sexual herrassment 🙄🙄

Rolyn Sulaiman: That’s like a norm in our tertiary institutions until recently.

Thank God for Camera phones and social media.
Those perverts and paedophiles lecturers are so scared now.

Horlar Horlar: Some lecturers will fail you willingly just to lay down with you, I believe he will be regretting his act now. And he will reap it in folds

Ogwugwu Uga: If after 32 years u are looking for justice against ur Raper, sorry ma here is not America or west where that kind of injustice is been handled.

Emeks Innovative: Please let’s hear from your lecturer before we judge, 32years from now is a very long period, meaning your older than my mum now

Chidi Daniel: It’s like the teacher don blow wey make you remember this thing
Cut the story short how much you want?

Erons Kingsley: If everybody come out with there own assault for schools days yaba left self go tire to post

Helen Okocha: Lectures are all like that if not for the wag I used to carry myself in school bk then I would have been a victim thank God for his mercies thank God for also giving me the strength to always say no to them. They all hated me but God was still helping me out all thru.awon oniranu.fear lasu lectures useless sets of animals I only pity loose girls

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Clement Ikechukwu: Madness in high palaces
I don’t know how some lady’s feels like to b insulted on social media
So ur telling us now to go and arrest a dead body/skeleton?32yrs ago is not 32 days ago na
Na wao …
Remove that wevon make fresh air touch ur empty score

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