I will consider it a downgrade to become Nigeria’s president – Bishop Oyedepo


The presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, has said that he would consider it a demotion if invited to become Nigeria’s president.

Speaking during a sermon on Sunday, October 4, 2020, the bishop said that becoming Nigeria’s president is not where he belongs as there are many people who depend on him

He said:

“I will consider it a demotion if I were invited to be the President of this great country. It’s a great country, it’s a great honour for anyone to be President but that’s not where I belong. I belong to above all nations.

Angry or happy, there are more than 100 nations now hooked on to this service; and we all belong there together. That’s where we belong. Some can see it, others can’t see it: They say, ‘I don’t believe it, I just need food, water and eat, drink and die. I don’t need above all nations.

I’ve said it before, the highest concentration of giants in this generation will emerge from this platform. If you are one of them, let me hear your loudest Amen. The same way, this Church did not need any human help to get to where we are, you won’t bow to any devil to scale any height in your life.

Watch, if I’m the one to lift you, I can only take you to where my hand can reach. Imagine the everlasting arm of Jesus, He picks you up, scaling everlasting heights. I can’t get you there. There is no help from man under heaven no matter who that man that will compare with help from God.”

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See comments and reactions

Jenny George: Pls sir if the Lord call you to deliver Nigeria for all this bad president pls do ooh,,, because right now Nigeria as a all need deliver… I come in peace..

Daniel Emeke: This statement is like a paradox – a statement seemingly absurd but on a closer examination, it contains an apparent truth. A dedicated man of God as a President in a filthy corrupt infested country like Nigeria. It’s absurd!

Toyin Faith: I remember when Bishop Oyedepo came to Port Harcourt to commission Life Gate church, President Buhari can never get that amount of crowds in Port Harcourt. I swear. Bishop Oyedepo is not honour in Nigeria alone but the whole world. He can only advice the President if their dead ears will hear

Anderson Bank: If this man know how much they collect monthly as security vote,he will sell all his properties including his church to contest as a governor not to talk of president.

Nopro Kal: This statement is bad….even Jesus while on earth never looked down on anyone…he came for all and wasn’t meant for one…..so saying you consider being the president a downgrade I can sense some evidence of pride here

Valentine Samuel: Religious leaders are meant to teach, guide and correct our leaders by telling them the truth more like checkmating them but guess the opposite is the case in Our country CU’s pastors wants to politicians.

The focus should be on #Endsars or #reformSARS and not on this statement.
This statement has no relationship to what is going on right now in our country.
Pastors believers now will forget what’s happen in Nigeria just to defend and prove that what their pastor said is right.
Funny country.

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#Reform SARS.

Debsi Debbie: It will be nice if we have a pastor of your caliber as Nigerian President. Let’s see if there will be a difference.
I’m tired of all these military rulers

Nasiru Adoke: In your divine wisdom and spiritual leadership i expected you to say it will be degrading to ask you to be a politician than do the glorious work of God,you say nigeria is a great country and a great people then why will it be a demotion to serve it..a service to humanity is a service to God but being a pastor is more..your rejection of being a nigerian president is an insult to its people..i come in peace

Favour Amarachi: He is saying the truth. Not everyone will understand the realm he is speaking from

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