If married men are faithful, 95% of female student will die of hunger – Nigerian lady says

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A Nigerian lady with the handle @rutie_xx on Twitter has sparked a debate on the platform after she talked about married men and faithfulness.

The young lady said that if married men shun extra-marital affairs, 95% of female students will go hungry.

She tweeted:

“If married men choose to become faithful to their wives. To be very honest, 95% of female student will die of hunger!!”

See her tweet below:

See comments and reactions

Emmanuel Nnaemeka: If they should be faithful, too much pressure won’t be on innocent boyfriends and girls would be out there working for their own money. The positives are greater. Plus, the married men will focus on giving their own daughters a good living so that they won’t look for another married man to take care of them. The whole thing is just a cycle.

Justin Lebari: Big lie! Because she did it while schooling should not be generalized. I’m a man and I’ve seen to many hustling on campuses. She should have tweeted by saying, “The purpose of friendship on campus is to get married at the end of the day which don’t always work”. That’s my point

Esty Yo Yo: That is because they love to take advantage of young girls.
Am a dj, went to a club with my boss after the night party and everything.
This stupid man called me and started asking me if i have tested barbecued 🐟 before, I didn’t even know. If I have entered car before,
That he can help my career if I give that thing to him, young girls have suffered. Before they help you, you must give something in return.

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Supuruchi Samuel: Don’t go and work, just be there looking for money you didn’t work for to survive your self, till their wives enter prayers for una you go tell. Thief

Princess Vicky: Not all ladies babe…sleeping around with married men has become their choose carrier in Nigeria…. But karma await them

Mandy Amara: The percentage Sha…95%, hmmmm…any way I don’t have any reason to doubt her, she may have done her research and drew her conclusions with herself,her friends,sisters, relatives and other ladies around her!….I know many ladies in school today,there family contribute little or nothing to dere education, but it’s not the one of 95% aunty….n dat does not justify extra marital affair or them sleeping with married men….. but in general, Adultery is Adultery regardless of who is involved,n fornication is fornication,be it with a married man or a single guy…they are all sin before God and only Him knows how he will judge the world#UDO#

Vik Toh: What do you expect when a young lady is looking for already made self acclaim millionaire to hook up with, neglecting d young men striving to survive and make it big in life.
Young ladies go and work and start up something meaningful for urself and have respect and self worth.

Ifeoma Eunice: Be careful with what so ever you to people because at the end.. All will Reap the Fruit of there Labour..
As a Young Lady, My Advice is Please stop Sleeping with People Husband.. Because you are bringing courses to ur Self..
Pray for ur own Rich Husband Instead..
Repent From all of ur Sin…. Jesus Christ is Coming Very Soon… Heaven is Real…
Choose Wisely…

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