“If we marry as Virgins, there would be no paternity fraud” — Nigerian filmmaker, Blessing Egbe


In light of the trending topic of paternity DNA tests after it was revealed that one Mr. Tunde discovered that his children were not his after so many years and because of this, lost his life shortly after the discovery, Nigerian filmmaker, Blessing Egbe has weighed in on the trending topic.

According to the filmmaker, if humans left things the way God created it to be and people married as virgins and remained faithful thereafter, then there won’t be the issue of DNA tests and all.

She wrote in tweets,

This DNA trend may cause Husbands to start beholding their ‘kids’ with scrutiny, and force Wives to recheck diaries, study past calendars and backtrack. In all things let love lead. 2021. Less heartbreaks.

Imagine If things were the way God created it to be, and we all got married as Virgins, and stayed faithful thereafter. There’ll be no need for DNA. But alas Virtue is hard , and unpopular, as we see in story of “The Ten Virgins”. My own sha is, they should not produce fake kits

And while it has been termed paternity fraud. Know that, there are 2 people involved in the fraudulent act. The real father of the child, who is also living a lie in his home and defrauding gis wife of his vow of faithfulness. Where does he stand in this title “paternity” fraud??

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Precious Solomon: I agree with u 90% but we humans today don’t like hearing about virginity because almost everyone of us are not virgins so e pains them and they will find one long grammar to justify themselves, kudoz to all the virgins in the house , its not easy

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Nwachukwu Okonta: Una see wetin Nuhu Adams and Moyo Thomas cause! Now everyone is expressing their opinion on the causes and effects of infidelity in marriages and DNA. I pity married women working in banks. Their kids paternity will be the subject of debates and discussions among friends and families. #OddWorld

Kachie Achor: It think it is an individual thing, virgin or no virgin. Most of the igbos here in abuja travel to their villages to bring naive and innocent girls but as soon as they come their eyes are open and they start sleeping with their husband’s boys and other guys . I know of 2 cases here.

Ruth Jonathan: Infact wen u marry as a virgin self. After everything. U will even start cheating..bcos u didn’t even know anything..or enjoy anything at all.. by the time u start mingling with bad friends.. they will mislead you.. but is good to marry as a virgin shaaaa….
But I got married as a virgin ooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🚶🚶🚶I speak in peace

Chiamaka Okechukwu: Marrying as a virgin is good and God rewards that but if you are a virgin and also a sinner then wen the person dies he or she will go to hell fire, As well if you lose your virginity and later regrets your actions and turn to God completely then when he or she dies then he will make heaven. The most important thing is to repent from all sins and be born into a new man completely. Also you will see some people that marry as virgins but the later lose focus and still bare fruit from another man thus the issue of paternity fraud comes up.

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