I’m a feminist but submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool — Actress Ada Ameh

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Popular Nollywood Actress, Ada Ameh, has revealed her stance on feminism.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the Benue State-born thespian said ;

”I am a feminist but I am not that type of woman that would not love to have a man. Being a feminist doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be a man. As a Christian, submitting yourself to your man doesn’t make you a fool.”

She also opened up on having a child at 14 and says she has no regrets about that.

Her words ;

“I can never regret having my child at 14. God forbid! The truth is that the ways of God are so different from the ways of man.

Just imagine me at this age if I am not married and don’t have a child. I am not saying marriage is the ultimate but we both know what I am talking about.”

See people’s reactions on the post

Zadok Oghenemose Adepoju: The fact that a woman is submissive does nt mean she shouldn’t share her opinion with her husband…
it means she accepts that the man is the head….
…And Just because a man is the head doesn’t mean he is always right
Both partners av to work together to achieve success not to turn their marriage into a competition….
….when couple give space for an unhealthy rivalry, then they start focusing on the partner’s weakness….
U as a woman, be submissive
And you as a man, respect your wife

Chunksta Ezegbe: In marriage your man wants your respect mostly and that could be interpreted as love but more important than love.

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Tenalo Joel: Women get this right
Men don’t need love no where in the Bible you’ll find women love your husband
It’s women submit to your husband
Men interpret respect as love women can love without respect
Men please love your wife’s
Women respect and submit to your husband

Jennifer Abonyi: There is a great difference between feminism and arrogance, there are not related and can never be though so many people have misconstrued it, True feminists still stay humble and submissive.

Emmanuel Oriahoghan: Anything that has two heads is a monster. Every organisation has a head. Policies are rolled out so that every staff can work with it. In marriage the man is the head. That is he takes final decision which is tandem to the growth and well-being of the family. Such decision should be based on love, respect and mutual consent. The wife implements the decision. Feminism means I as a woman should be involved as partner in progress and not a second class figure. My humble opinion.

Iboroma Tonojeit: Our society of today has made women to think they can measure up with men that which is totally wrong unacceptable.

A man can’t be all in one, that why God created a woman.

Ninian Kings: Nigerians do not know the meaning of feminism.

All the know is where the Bible talked about submission. Show them where God frowns at adultery they will remind you of king Solomon

Chika Okoro: I learnt that feminist is bunch of frustrated women who is confused about life and doesn’t know what they want, please is it true, help a brother

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Báby Boy: One feminist in our church that is a choir told us that she was a virgin…that she will wait until her wedding night… little did we know that she was busy receiving holy Communion from the choir master every night……do not listen to feminist, they say one thing and do the other… they are bunch of confused people

Becky Ese Fredrick: You submit with wisdom not foolishly… otherwise he may bring another woman home and ask you to wait in the parlor until they are through before enter the room

Mohammed Kaba: Unfortunately many so-called feminists won’t share this idea with you, not knowing that they’re against their own religion.

Osoka Emmanuel Paul: Did you hear that women? No matter how wealthy you are, you can’t never call your kingsman and say you want to pay your bride price.

Promise Ndukaife: They are gradually coming out 1 by 1😂😂😂
After deceiving so many women and breaking many homes now u have suddenly realized the importance of “Submission”

Livia Phaniee: Tell them mama
They will not allow the man do his work be forming feminism up and down

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