“I’m yet to get a man after spending 200k for SPECIAL PACKAGE” ~ Nigerian lady cries out

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Relationship expert and love doctor, Joro Olunofin has shared an email he received from an aggrieved lady who is lamenting over her failure to attract a married man.

The lady said she met 3 married men but none called her on phone after engaging them in a conversation. She added that one of the men told her not to call him on phone.

The lady revealed that she spent 200k on attraction oil but it is only attracting single guys. The lady said she is now frustrated, adding that the special packages are not special at all.

See her post below:

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Isamotu Adekemi
Firstly, you should have used the money to empower yourself. By so doing, better single men will be attracted to your energy and come after you.
She’s not even talking about single men, the married men wives too are not sleeping girl.
Stop wasting your money on that, pray to your God and you’ll be fine

Gloria Daniel Dinatu
You would’ve empowered yourself with that 200k or give it to the less privilege God would have seen your sincerity heart and bless you with a single man that will marry you not even a married man.
Ladies get sense you can’t reap where you don’t sow……may God continue to protect all married men from the snares of wicked souls amen.

Presh Goodwin
U no get sense
Not even make singles see u marry u
Na married men how do U expect it to work when the wife the fire prayer for house😁🥰God bless all the prayful wife💋

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Adaora Michael

All the married women don wise now anyhow you want am dem go give you especially when their husband is involve…You looking for someone home to damage ..They we use prayer and scatter you and your juju dem….Go huzzle mumu

Nkeizineiruka Nkeizineiruka
This special package is from hell. How can a normal thinking being feel so less of herself stooping So low to go get such a package all in the name of attracting a man, hello, have you asked urself after attracting him what next? Do you know that evil don’t last forever, you end up destroying the man’s future and yours as well. Cos it would get a point you would get tired of the whole drama. Ladies learn to build ur self esteem, don’t let mediocrity make u do other wise. Not all ladies are meant to marry or date a wealthy guy, some are meant to build with them from the scratch.

Benjamin Essien
That’s because their wives are praying seriously 4 their husband never to see u and they will never see u ijn Amen

Blessing Irabo
Why not they approach you be using juju to manipulate and you are saying it is special package, special package Kee you dere

God’s time Iyayi
Money wey you for take start business and stand as an independent lady who pays her bills and takes care of her self.
You carry that money take do “special package”, so as to lure married men to spend the money meant for their family on you abi??.
You no even find young guy,Na married man.
Married man kill you there.

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Franca Iginatus
Some men doesn’t look at package but character… While sometimes your village people may be at work .. making u look like masquerade spiritually

Ogagam Blessing Clare
Enough money to empower one’s self that you went and lavish it on unproductive substance. Chaii senses is far away for some people. Is it bad if a lady is also? Umuwanyi 🚶🚶🚶

Husasani Mamsa
Sometimes I wonder why single ladies love sleeping with married men tomorrow they will said I want to marry a man that will not cheat on me karma is waiting if you sleep with another woman husband they will will your husband if you sleep with another man wife they will sleep with your wife karma is karma

Amaka Christine
There wives has built walls of fire over them all, stop wasting your money on chasing shadows pray for your own man

Omotayo Ajayi
Their wives head strong ni…you have wasted the money you suppose use to invest on your brain.. 😂😂😂

Kekechi Henry

Thats one part of the disappointment

Now relax and wait for the demons you ve just attracted to urself…they will deal with you

U better run to Christ before they show up

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