INCEST: Elderly Man banished for impregnating daughter twice in Anambra

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A bizarre occurrence has taken place in Okofia, Otolo Nnewi in Anambra state after a man in his 60s reportedly impregnated his daughter twice.

In photos shared on Facebook, the elderly man who is allegedly from Okija in Ihiala Local Government Area had palm fronds tied on his neck. His daughter who was carrying a baby also had palm fronds tied on her leg to show that they engaged in gross and abominable acts.

The father and daughter were then led to a waiting bus where all their property were packed in by the community members.

Facebook user, Okoro Abraham who shared the photos wrote;

“Happening now at Okofia Otolo Nnewi, the location of the unizik college of health. This man from Okija impregnated his own daughter for the second time, now they are asked to leave Nnewi.”

See comments and reactions:

Pst Festus Ben: Haba i think this is so spiritual the both need help where do you guys want them to go?or you want him to keep doing same thing?This banishment will even give him more opportunities to keep having s*x with his daughter

Jossy valentine: This on sha wants to tarnish the image of the good Anambra men that I’m tripping for, mtcheeew…..

Esenam Sarami: So the daughter is also banished? Why is the victim being made to suffer too? She is obviously a victim of abuse.

Ogechi Cynthia: So painful, but do you no that banishing them out is not the good solution because the man will still be ducking her, instead they help and seek for the solution because an actual reasonable man will not touch his own daughter talk more of impregnating her, something must be wrong somewhere,..


Madu Ekene: His daughter is now his Wife
And his grandson now his son

My Question is Will the girl call him Dad or Hubby?
And will the baby call him Dad or Grandpa ?

What a crazy world

Benjamin Benevolent: I dont have anything to say about this matter , rather I will say, God have mercy because the evil given in , is finding its way back

Ify Pius: So he did it the first time and he was forgiven or maybe the community overlooked, guyman warmed up and did it again this time around e hang for him throat. All these “old soldiers never die” dem no dey ever retire.

William Odidigbo: The community don’t have the right at law to evict them from their house & community. Customary laws are subject to a test of their consistency with natural justice, equity & good conscience- embodied in statutory laws such as the constitution of Nigeria.

Nkiruka Enih: Which side in Anambra who to blame the daughter not the man she enjoy it why blaming the man is not force you people should stop it thing

Rose Neche: He committed sacrilege(aru) but I’m not saying what they did is right(banishing them)

Coming to think of it, this man and his family might be under a demonic spell…they needs our prayers to be free.
I don’t think he is doing it with his clear eyes.

May God have mercy

Grace Excel Abbas: He probably might have been using some juju on d daughter
Cos I don’t see what dis young girl could be attracted to in dis her old father

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Kingsley Gabriel: Just look at what our supposed elders are doing.
The daughter nko? Is she mentally sick? How old is she? Otule!

Blissful Kosy: So as old as dis man is, osho still dey hungry am at even fresh blood. I no blame am shaa. He learnt from Regina Daniels husband. But why he come sleep at daughter now

John Son: Banished??? The only punishment u can give to such a man is banishment?? What happened to getting the man arrested?? And he even did it twice?? Issortie
What do I even know seff

This is me talking to Buhari’s daughter

Offixial Alexandero: So chuku chuku they hungry old men

But wait o…I think say na for Nigerian movie only them de banish person

Akunne Nonso: Ndi Okija Amaka come and pick your uncle and the daughter. The 2019
Award winning of insectuous relationship goes to the good people of Anambra home and diaspora. Ogbasidem

Ajiji Afan: Instead of you guys to report him to the police so he can face the law, you’re banishing him. What will that do?

Immaculate Chinonso:
This man is too old to pregnant somebody now.

But why did she agree, if she didn’t agree, he cannot do it, bcos d man is old, she can give him a dirty slap or even push him down. Nawaooo

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