Indecent dressing in men. Number one is very popular!

Women have been the topic of indecent dressing from time immemorial, but do you know men dress indecently too?

Nobody wan talk about how man dey naked all the time like Adam wey never chop forbidden fruit.

Men dress indecently consciously and sometimes unconsciously but the problem is how the society has taken this indecency in stride and has made it a norm. The double standard should be curtailed and men should look into their modes of dressing. You might wonder how a man can be indecently dressed, no worry I go yarn you, you go even shock sef.


This “commando” is na when man decide say e no go wear boxers again, e no wan package himself again. This most times makes his penis quite visible through his outfit, some take it as a fashion statement to obviously show of their “merchandise” and some just don’t care.
Man wey no wear boxers, na so the preek go come line for him cloth like snake wey dey hungry. And while some men go commando without the purpose of showing off their privates, some dey use am for show and its the height of indecency and should be duly curbed. Nobody wan make you dey show am your prick print anyhow na.


Half Naked

You no dey swim, you no dey your house, why you comot your shirt come outside? It doesn’t matter if you have the body of a Greek god, men should understand that they can’t always go shirtless in public, it is indecent and improper.

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This one be like say na im worse pass. How is exhibiting your underwear to the general public, fashionable? Some dey sag sotey, their underwear and their trouser go just separate, underwear go dey for waist, trouser go dey for knee. I dey wonder if shame no dey this people body, because some of those underwear dey tear tear and e dey dirty. Human being wey dey train well no suppose dey sag, it’s not fashionable in the least.
Men should consider their dressing very critically before coming out in public, some outfits and the way they are worn are just unbecoming and indecent, all of us suppose join hand curb am. Make person dey see road when e comot outside.

Indecent dressing in men. Number one is very popular!
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