IPhone 12 launches today! Prices, specs, what to expect.

IPhone 12 dey land today! Wahala for who no get money sha.

No be only this iPhone 12 Waka come o. IPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max, magsafe charger, mag safe duo charger and home pod mini, join the motor wey carry this iPhone 12 come.

We all know say every event get chairman, and the chairman of the Apple event today na iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max

Them be the oga at the top!

All these iPhones come with prices o. So as to help you reason which one to buy before the release, make you also get savings target incase better thing dey hungry you!

Iphone 12 mini @

$699(#272,610), $749(#292,110) & $849(#331,110) for 64,128 & 256gb respectively.

Iphone 12 @

$799(#311,610),$849(#331,110) & $949(370,110) for 64,128 & 256gb respectively.

Iphone 12 pro @

$999(#389,610),$1149(#448,110)& $1349(#526,110) for 128,256 & 512gb respectively.

Iphone 12 pro max @

1099(#428,610), 1249(#487,110), 1449(#565,110) for 128,256 & 512 gb respectively.

Even tho, them dey launch this iPhones tonight at the Apple event. None of them will be out on sale till November.

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