“It’s best to have N5k that you worked for than having N10million for free” – Lady says



Twitter user, Falitatt has taken to the platform to air her thoughts about the best source of income for both men and women.

Falitatt advised her fans not to be wowed by monetary gifts from fans and well wishers, because it is not the best source of wealth.

According to her, money made through hardwork is way better than money received for free.

Stressing further, she said it is best to have N5000 that you worked for, than having N10million which you received from someone, for free.

“It’s best to have N5k that you worked for than having N10million for free”, she wrote.

See comments and reactions

Bint Bello: She must be talking based on her experience.. probably her womb was shifted before she got the 10m… Spitting rubbish with confidence 🙄

Emem Showell: It depends on the person that gives you the 10m. If they start acting like they own you, it will be hard to enjoy the money in peace. But you will just have to try😄

Nasiru Adoke: Well its better to have a legitimately earned 5k than to get a 1million seemingly free gift with huge payments in other forms later is how i choose to see her point,if its free nothing bad in collecting and keeping but some gifts get huge payback for front but awoof don blind people

Olakunle Olaoluwa: Where is place of grace and favour. If you ve ever received favour before you will know dat it is always sweet.
I m not saying begging for money o because if you’re favoured it come freely.

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Nnena Joseph: Yes because you value your sweet more than any other thing, you will just lavish that 10m, because you didn’t suffer to get it

Mmgohoi Achie: I will have the 5k I worked for, and still collect the 10million with a grateful heart.

See ehn, that 10million will even take me farther in life!
There is nothing wrong in someone dashing you big money!
If you follow all these things that these motivational speakers say ehn, don’t ever blame your village people for Ur backwardness again!

Ugbong Gregory: No one has anything for free in this world, even if you steal it, it is a work because it doesn’t fall on you while you were sleeping

Chinonso Esseni: If you are expecting to work for everything that means you will really suffer in this life, what one should be praying for is the grace of God in all you do. Soft work much gain

Uche Nwankwo: There are some gifts that comes with burden. Reject it if you sense it. Abraham in the Bible did same thing. He rejected a gift by Sodom and Gomorrah kings. He said “lest you said that you make me rich”.
She’s absolutely right.

“It’s best to have N5k that you worked for than having N10million for free” – Lady says
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