James Brown cries out “I can’t believe my Auntie Bobrisky blocked me”

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Effeminate dancer, James Brown has cried out on social media after his benefactor Bobrisky blocked him on Instagram.

Though he didn’t reveal if they had issues before getting blocked on the social media platform by the crossdresser, James Brown however expressed shock over Bobrisky’s action.

See his posts below;

See comments and reactions:

Elizabeth Udoekong: Can’t you see Bob is more finer than you. You wey wan carry her/his crown why em no go block you🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Esther Oghogho Palmer: Because you are competing with her. You think say u don be big boy too. Now u know how to call aunty ABI?

Daniel Ragha: Nansense p¤st; S¤ !n otherw¤rds herhim B¤brisky d!squalified ur fr!endship nd l.eft y¤u !n $hame, mumu. Keep kwayet 0de!..😕

Young Cletus: Someone just asked me if Bobrisky wants to use the public toilet then which one will he she use? Male or female? I need ur answer now biko I’m late for church. Na my son ask me so oh 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

Nwokocha Sandra: What’s wrong with these set of confused species? You don’t know where your aunty is? How can someone bearing BOB to Risky be an aunty? Is aunty a BOB?

Kehinde Azeez: Bcos our yoruba prayer has been answered on him. We Nigerians will soon start to convert you too to normal human being before you disgrace us

Emmanuel Okeke: Heyy I thought I’ve seen it all! My dear sence is very far from ynu and that ur Auntie
your auntie kee! It seems you’re having pain in the brain…rubbish 🙄😒😒

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