Jealous mother allegedly kills her two children in Kano because her husband married second wife.


A housewife simply identified as Hauwa allegedly killed two of her children in Kano State because her husband married a second wife.

The deceased kids have been identified as Yusuf, 5 and 3-year-old Zahra’u.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on Saturday morning, October 3 in Diso village, Gwale Local Government area of the state, when the husband went to his second wife’s place to spend some time.

The uncle of deceased children, Sadiq Haruna Aminu, who confirmed the incident said his sister-in-law had been living with envy and jealousy ever since his brother married another wife.

Sadiq, the children’s younger uncle, said his brother got married to a new wife two months ago.

“The incident happened when the husband was away and in his new wife’s place. His eldest wife, Hauwau ‘called him on phone this morning that all was not well in their house only for him to return to the house and meet the lifeless bodies of the children in the pool of blood. She carried out the atrocities and ran away from the house”, he said.

“She beat the children and used knife to cut them. Her sister’s daughter (10-year-old) who was living with them was another victim but she survived with cuts on her hand and she is the witness when the incident happened. We don’t know her whereabouts at the moment because we spoke with security operatives. We learnt she went to her parent’s house.” he added


Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Chimezie Moses: I don’t know what people call love this days oooo, love is forgiven, sacrifice, is always positive,full with wisdom.
Woman what have you done 😥
How did you feel that made you think of death as a solution why why why .

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Cyndy Egodi: Meaning what, my own children that suppose to give me happiness. It’s well for this kin country call Lugageria. No good news at all

DOMI NOVA: Lord Lugard God will continue punishing you in your grave. Image the human beings someone is sharing with all because of amalgamation. Is it that this people don’t have brains or is illiteracy supposed to rob a human being of its God given natural senses? Your own children, all because your husband married a second wife. If we say people from that region act like animals and don’t see life as anything, they will start shouting Tribalism. Oburu orgun oma le!! End child and premature marriages they won’t hear.

Blessing Ihotu: Who’s now a loser?? She’s a disgrace to motherhood 😠. She deserves to suffer from 100 years and never to give birth again.but God is a merciful father 🤔

Gloria Chima Obi: Children that are suppose to comfort her,her consolation for the wasted years haba….that woman must be sick,chai RIP to the innocent souls…

Becky Obih: The woman is having chronic case of depression and mental health issues. She’s not in her right senses, a normal mother will never do that to her child. Rip to the innocent kids. Really sad.

Esther Nseyen: Wht is real wrong with some mothers y dis disguising and wicked act,mother r supposed to care,love,protect and stay strong in time of difficulty for der children whn men misbehave sometimes. was killing dem d solution she is a disappointment and disgrace to motherhood my God ☹RIP innocent souls

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Ktnse Mfknter: Y’all rendering curses on d woman…I ain’t supporting her ooo but what should d husband be looking for …she has a boy and a girl for him so what’s d need for a second wife…see eehn heartbreak can make you go gaga !!just pray not to find yourself in such situation…but d woman crossed boundaries sha…rest on cuties😥

Yintariere Okorodudu: Make una come see as person use her hand give herself everlasting suffering
Hey God eh Kai

How could she forget that children are the real complementation in marriage when everything fails
Father please come to our aid

Timeless Hopy: A normal mother will never do dat to her kids, she will later regrets and cry later. Why she no take her own life, She is a disgrace to motherhood.

Jealous mother allegedly kills her two children in Kano because her husband married second wife.
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