Job Recruitment websites & Recruitment companies in New Zealand 

Job Recruitment websites & Recruitment companies in New Zealand You will need a job offer to obtain a work visa. So finding a job is probably what you need to do to move to New Zealand.

Here, people find jobs by using job sites or by contacting recruitment companies (“Job Hunters”).

People also contact their employer directly. This is often the most successful approach.

Whatever approach or methods you use, you will find that most employers here are happy to consider people from overseas if there are no people in New Zealand available to fill the job. .

Find A Job From Abroad
There are many job sites in New Zealand. Many of them advertise jobs from employers who are expecting applications from people who are already in New Zealand. Some specialize in communicating with people abroad.

Specialized Recruitment Sites For Migrants
Employers who list jobs on these sites may have more experience hiring people from overseas. Workhere and working in New Zealand are good starting points.


Find jobs | Working In New Zealand


Industry Websites:
Some niche sectors and trades have websites dedicated to employment. If you are looking for a job in one of these sectors, check out the website:

Healthcare jobs | Kiwi Health Jobs

Dairy farming jobs | Farm Source jobs

Education jobs | Education Gazette

Crown Research Institute jobs | Science New Zealand

Engineering jobs | Engineering New Zealand


General Recruitment Websites:
The most popular New Zealand job sites are TradeMe and Seek. These sites list many job offers.

You can find public websites for job vacancies at

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Trade Me Jobs


Job vacancy and recruitment websites |

Employment Companies
Employers in New Zealand often use recruitment companies or agencies to find suitable employees, especially for specialized and high-level jobs. You can register with many recruitment companies. The New Zealand job market is small, so it’s important to keep track of who you’ve contacted about jobs and when.

You do not need to pay the company or agency as the employer gets paid when they hire someone for a job.

You can find a list of recruitment agents at

Job vacancy and recruitment websites |

Employment Services for Skilled Immigrants
If you are a skilled worker, there is a specialized online immigrant recruitment service you can access called New Kiwis. This free service connects skilled immigrants and their partners with employers across New Zealand who need their skills.

Register your CV on New Kiwis and search for jobs advertised by registered employers on the site.

New Kiwis

Professional Registration
Depending on your major, you may need to register with a professional body in order to get a job and a visa. In any case, obtaining a visa may be easier if you are able to obtain a professional registration in New Zealand.

More details on the New Zealand Immigration website.

Occupational registration | Immigration NZ

Contact Employers Directly
In New Zealand, dealing directly with potential employers is a very acceptable and effective approach.

Often, employers here have job openings that they don’t advertise on job boards, or they haven’t turned to advertising yet. You may be “the right person at the right time”.

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In any case, showing this type of initiative always impresses New Zealand employers, even if they refer you to a job application process or a recruitment company.

You can also contact professional bodies and employers’ organizations directly.

By Phone or Email
Don’t be afraid to call or email a company you care about working for, even if that’s not how you do things back home.

You can ask them if they have jobs now or in the future. You can also request an informal interview or at least the possibility of sending your CV with a cover letter.

If they don’t have a suitable job for you, the people you’re calling may offer you the name of someone from another company. Or they can give you advice on other skills you have that might be useful to others.

Contacting employers from abroad is not much more difficult than contacting them in your own country. Remember you have to pay for the call and check the time difference between your location and New Zealand.

Job Recruitment websites & Recruitment companies in New Zealand 
Job Recruitment websites & Recruitment companies in New Zealand

 Personal Meeting 
Many employers prefer to meet potential employees in person or at least in person online. This can increase your chances of finding a job.

Today, online video calls make this easier than ever. Remember to schedule the call during main New Zealand business hours, usually NZST 09:00-17:00. Know that New Zealand switches to Daylight Saving Time (NZDT) typically from late September to early April.

Some immigrants take study leave here and make appointments with major employers. Be sure to call or email in advance to schedule appointments. This will make a better impression on New Zealand employers.

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  1. Federal and State Government Recruitment

  2. Oil and Gas Jobs

  3. Banking and Finance Jobs

  4. International NGOs Recruitment

  5. Teaching Jobs

  6. Federal and State University Jobs

  7. Federal and State Polytechnic Jobs

  8. Customer Service Jobs


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