Kaduna community reportedly bans women from using mobile phones, wearing sunglasses


Officials of Hisbah in Kaduna State have banned girls and ladies in Kuriga Village under Chikun Local Government Area from using or possessing mobile phones and sunglasses, according to SaharaReporters.

A resident of the community, who reportedly spoke with SaharaReporters, raised the alarm over the increasing repressive activities of the religious police in the region.

He alleged that Hisbah had been ‘frustrating the lives of youths in Kuriga and often carry out severe punishment for moral failings’.

“Hisbah is punishing youths for keeping afro hair and sometimes it is accompanied with beating.

“They have also prevented women and girls from using smartphones, claiming that it is used to spread unIslamic behaviours. They are just terrorising us,” he told SaharaReporters.

Another resident of the town also said Hisbah personnel have prohibited women and girls from using sunglasses.

“They also sometimes storm houses where ceremonies are taking place and punish playing of music, dancing and any form of entertainment,” he said.

Hisbah recently made headlines for shaving off stylish haircuts of young men in Kano, arresting people for improper dressing and seizing tricycles from riders for adorning them with pictures considered to be obscene and against the tenents of Islam.

See comments and reactions

Adekunle Abiola: There will never be a progress in a community or society where religious law is being considered moral value.

Sherriff Lagata: When other countries are inventing New technologies…. In Nigeria people are facing backwardness in abject poverty. In a country where by even the leaders are useless in senseless.

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Michael Nweke: Northern Nigeria will never cease to amaze me, they’re wonderful people who deserve to be in the bush with other animals.

Ifeoma Akinwale: Wearing of sun glasses and using of mobile phone,are now d basic problem my beautiful country is facing. Useless Government. D way dis Northerners marginalised women is just 2 bad.So d Governor’s wife won’t be seen with mobile phone?Abeg make una gerrrrrratt

Bello Gbenga: In 21 century. Even in Saudi they are giving women more recognition lately. There is no way we can continue to roll with this people because they are so backward in their thinking.

Janet Asuquo: Instead of them to try to lift youth out of poverty and educating them on proper child spacing,stop child marriage, send those who are out school to return to school they busy trying to return to stone age ,do they even know the important of sunglasses?

Grace Njoku: Backward people with funny life style
People wey suppose dey bush….. Dey come dey share same country with us

Obiora T Darlington: Northern Nigeria will always remain a safe haven for terrorists because all this things is similar to what Boko Haram is fighting for.. Total implementation of sharia law and against modern civilization.. My concern is as long as it stays with them and does not escalate to other regions I don’t have problem with that.. They’ll displace their mothers and be feeding them scrumbs in IDPs their problem.. Religious fanatism, ignorance, poverty is worst than a nuclear bomb

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