“Kanyamata does not work on me” – socialite, Pretty Mike reveals

Popular Nigerian socialite, Pretty Mike has revealed that he’s immune to “Kanyamata”– a portion used by women to enhance love and intimacy.

According to Pretty Mike several ladies have tried the portion on him to get his attention but they’ve always failed.

Although Kayamata is a portion or herbs used by women to enhance intimacy, many believes it’s a charm to make men give them anything they want.

In an interview with Saturday Beats Mike stated that he had a line-up of women around him who wanted him to leave his nightclub business to get married soon.

In his words,

“I call myself husband material because I am still a bachelor and I have to market myself for the ladies. I am just letting them know that I am a potential husband, though I am not easy to get.

“Kanyamata (sex herbs and potions) will not work on me. Some ladies have tried it but it did not work. I am friends with all the kanyamata sellers, so it would be a fruitless effort.

“Some people think I am a sex addict or that I jump in bed with women but they forget that I am in women’s business as a nightclub owner.

“My business makes me an entertainer and I cannot afford to be boring. I am not what people see on Instagram. I am not a randy man that would jump into bed with anything in skirt.

“People think I have a lot of lovers but I don’t. The stories people hear or believe about me make me popular and attract customers to my club.

“If I was a boring subject, people would not want to associate themselves with me. However, people are curious about my personality and it is good business for me.”

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Ayara Mar Tina

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It baffles me the way kanyamata and all this juju things are now socially displayed online and everywhere. They just carried the thing for head like say na one better thing.

Lots of instagram and Facebook native doctors dressed in sexy gown and suits all in the name of selling kanyamata and blue eye rubbish, building houses and making billions with peoples money 🤷‍♀️ where is this world going?

I pity those buying it. Anything that is not of God is evil and won’t last, the end result will be doom …. by the time kanyamata will clear from the Eyes of the person you used it on mhen! you will know that your suffer just started


Emmanuel Ole: They gave you witchcraft beed and you are celebrating. Don’t you know you have become a witch?



Vivian Ezeri : My brother you don’t know it’s the kayanmata they used on your head that is making you to post this🙄🙄


Fidelis Nnamdi: Oga calm down, them never cook am well on top your head yet, so just say you are lucky and not that e no dey work on you


Naya Kindness: You can’t be knacking her and say it won’t work.
Small knack and she vex curse you with out even kayanmata, e go work! talk more of when they add menge menge.
Keep your thing one place and it won’t work


Prince Ifechukwu: That was thes kanyamata Nengi prepared for Layconchukwu and Ozo do long throat and atr it… You all know the result…

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Faay Elijah: That sh!t doesn’t work on anyone. If your husband or boyfriend has finally decided to love you. Just tell God thank you don’t and feel too important.


Alexandra Joy: You never jam na make body dey catch you, by the time one girl go enter river go bafth for your head, the charm no go only work for you, you go begin wash pant and bra, yeye



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