Lack of money is the cause of jealousy – Soso Soberekon says


Music executive and talent manager, Soso Soberekon has said that lack of money is the cause of “bad belle” (jealousy).

According to him, poor people talk down on rich people and end up doing same things the rich people were doing, when they finally get money.

“A struggling guy will see his rich friend with a babe and call her a gold digger.
Give that struggling man 10m naira now, you will see him carrying all the women and begging them to help him chop his money.

Na lack of money dey cause bad belle. #awala” he wrote on Instagram.


See comments and reactions

Praise Bassey: So in other words the rich are never jealous of anything. Always blaming poverty for everything 🙄 was the devil poor, why was he jealous of God’s glory? 🤷

Tonye Maureen: I disagree with you! There are many people without money that are contented with what that have.

Unstable Confidence: I no get money but I no dey jealousy.Don’t speak for everyone speak for your self.

Bullion Nwaigwe: I disagree with you most people are rich jet jealous nd greedy.. while most people are poor but they contented nothing moves them.. so Mr u are wrong

Stephen Paul: Lack of money is not the cause of jealousy, na lack of understanding and immaturity…. Even the rich jealous… Be guided…. Leave all this Motivational speakers..

Umoh Rex: Everybody just want to say something Shah, whether it makes sense or not gist reel doesn’t want to know and keep posting it.

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Onyedikachukwu Paul: I swear. If somebody hates because of your wealth they will be like look at how he’s balancing in the church like it’s his father’s house.

Omooba Adebiyi: Na lie oga..
Even rich people dey jealous each other and even a rich man can get jealous of a poor man when he discovers that his potentials is greater than his..

Wenetex Amadi: True talk shaa.
To be broke is painful shaa.
If you have money, don’t provoke who doesn’t have, by proudly showing off and bragging, you should help them instead.

Peter Brown: This guy talk the always smell me like 5 days 1 hour shit. People with so much money fighting and killing their selves on daily bases as a result of jealousy, rich men wives dying of jealousy over how happy the poor man and is wife are. The poor gets jealous, the rich also get jealous. Jealousy has nothing to do with money. I am not rich but, I love rich people so much that, I wish to be like them someday

Queen Ekpenyoung: Nothing far from the truth… But this only applies to naturally envious n jealous people who have been sprinkled with a touch of Nigerian witchcraft!

Especially Edo brethren 🙄

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