Ladies, hustling for your own money will not shorten your life span – Man writes

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Twitter user, Edgar Snazzy has applauded ladies who are goal driven and willing to excel in life without going after men for money.

He advised ladies that hustling for their own money without depending on a man will not shorten their life span. He encouraged them to be goal driven and hardworking.

In his words;

“Can someone tell our girls that hustling for their own money won’t shorten their life spam neither will it cut off their clitoris,ya all depending on ur bfs for virtually everything. God bless every young girl thats goal driven and willing to mk it without using her body.”

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Moses Jackson: Actually it MIGHT but feminism (naija style) won’t see the danger . women shouldn’t “hustle” in term of physical energy exertion given some natural roles of childbirth,menstrual flows which saps their energy as they age…but since dem want to be rubbishing men for their efforts then men too are TRYING to push dem to face harsh reality! Complicated!

Esther Adams: It will not oooo, in fact when u hustle your own money your life span will increase…

But if u depend on man ehn, when they don’t give you like you want to die..
E de pain make person tell you I no get or no even answer you, like say make u kill yasef 🚶 🚶

Christopher Ere: Ladies, hustling for your own money will not shorten your life span – Man writes

Viki Banks: Imagine last week I toast a gal she told me to give her time to think about it
I never knew the time to think about it was the time to go ask her friend which is a close friend of mine if I have money,,wen her friend told me dat,,,,I commot my leg for Inside her shoes

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Horlar Horlar: How do you even feel billing someone’s son anyhow.

God bless you my son is better than baby I love you

Michael Henry: One b telling me her ex earns 50k & gives her 15k allowance,, dat she can’t date someone who won’t b giving her allowance cos its shows the guy won’t b stingy if they marry….
Abeg under which financial institution we wan classify such relationship??

Trust Teresa: Most stingy guys like independent Ladys, make una let us rest ahbeggggggg, motivational speakers everywhere , we don tire for una motivation ahbegii

Festus Farob: Parents should raise their daughters to be independent and never to rely on men.