Lady allegedly killed by friends after her lover proposed to her with 3 luxury rings



An Abuja-based woman, identified as Chi Chi Eze has been reported dead barely a year after she made headlines over the luxury rings she received from husband.

During the time, she received a lavish surprise proposal from her lover who gave her 3 luxury rings while seeking her hand in marriage.

Chichi had shared a photo of her wearing the rings with the caption “he went all out and proposed with 3 rings….I said Yes”.

However following the sad news of her demise, some Nigerian celebrities have pointed accusing fingers at the deceased’s friends.

Nigerian comedian and OAP, Ushbebe wrote in his Instastory posts;

See comments and reactions

Germain Enyoghasi: I fear who no fear women.
Even women are very scared of mingling with each other.
Everybody is scared of one another.
Wickedness and betrayal reigns!!!

Tosin Kehinde Joseph: Women should learn to keep things meant private as private, it’s not all the sweet events happening in your life that you disclose to your so called besties

Juliet Adaobi: I no kuku dey keep friends.. You don’t know who is genuinely hapoy for you.
This is sad. May her soul in peace 💔

Winifred Fater: That’s why at times it’s better to keep the good news to yourself.
No one is happy to see you do better than them.

Balogun Sylvester: Me I keep reiterating ladies you see your own gender their jealousy hatred envy too much know the kind friends you keep, when the guy propose they will pretend as if they are happy for her while deep down they are bitter know the friend u have and be very prayerful and extra careful

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Chidi James: Learn how to celebrate your success with your enemies. Friends are deadly nowadays.

Chisom Happiness Dora:Keep your good news to yourself oh
I thank God say I no have friend and friends sef

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