Lady cries out “I’m obsessed with Reverend Fathers, I’ve never dated an ordinary guy”

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‘I can’t date an ordinary guy, I’m obsessed with Reverend Fathers’ – Lady, says

I’ve had affair with 3 different Priests and so far, they are very good in everything. I don’t have intention of dating ordinary guy because they break heart easily and I couldn’t find any guy that would keep me happy and not stress my life. I really want to stop dating Priests but I’m obsessed with them. What do I do?”, she wrot

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Ojo Ufuoma Ivan Fredson
Continue my dear….no one is forcing u to stop….but na u and God nai go see on the last day

Emilia Sophia J
This is one of the main reasons why other church priests are allowed to get married but Catholic people wee not hear…90% of their priests are pornstars….dem plenty for east

Because their manhood ft shift both pant and womb at the same time.

What of we wey no be Rev fathers but we be virgins? Please considers us na

Chibuzor Son Ekere:
On behalf village People association, we say we are going to take care of this lady ,she won’t be a nuisance anymore, our services are the best , we are try and see ,taste and confirm

Ogechi Juliet:
Try babalawo 😂they might be more caring and good in bed than reverend fathers both the gods will do the caring and love making 😂😂😂😂native doctor don’t go on transfer my dear try there😂😂😂😂I don’t blame the lady some rev father handsomeness is fighting temptations 😉cha!🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

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Ogbeide Maranatha: I’m seeing many comments saying I’m dating one right now, he’s caring nd bla bla bla. U pple should continue o nd face d wrath of God, girls dat feels dat what they have between their legs is to generate money, even with a priest, God will destroy all of u soon unless u repent including the so called Reverend fathers

Quinlee Ikoro: I know of a girl that was dating a rev father, all of a sudden the girl fell seriously sick that no hospital could cure her cos the illness was unknown. She died after suffering for years, the priest was also strucked off. U dare not touch what belongs to God cos the consequence will be mad ooh.

Romanus Anayo: You can’t eat a food offered to the gods and refuse to dance with the gods.
I’m so so sorry for ladies cos they are always at the receiving end. Having affair with a priest is the surest means of getting a spel.

Cynthia Harrison: I wonder who gave some people the right to judge this girl. Sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently.
Las las all of them na one sin o.
Shit really happens in this life that we never plan for. Everyone is passing through one challenge or the other which may come in form of an addiction like this young lady’s case and the least we can do is to give good advice and pray to WHO ever we believe in on her behalf. She knows what she’s doing is bad that’s why she’s here to seek our advice.
If you are a nice and comfortable guy, look for her and help change her perceptions about normal guys. Fellow women who have nothing positive to say should kindly go and sit down.

1 thought on “Lady cries out “I’m obsessed with Reverend Fathers, I’ve never dated an ordinary guy”

  1. It is normal with the so called Rev Fathers because their service and practice are to Satan and not to God. A deep pity to little children of this world who are yet to know God and his practices.

    My advice to this little girl, over taken by the spirit of sexual immorality is: run to God now, confess your sins to him, invite him into your life to save you and deliver you from the destructive spirit of sexual immorality. Save your self now that your breath is yet to be taken to avoid had I know in Hell fire with your filthy abominable so called Rev Fathers.

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