Lady drags husband who claimed he was travelling to Delta but lodged in a hotel with another woman


A Nigerian man named Felix has been trending on Facebook after his wife called him out on a public group chat.

His wife sent a message to the admin of a Facebook group to disgrace her husband whose name is Felix Ogiri and drives a Range Rover.

She explained that her husband, Felix claimed he travelling to Delta State but she has been seeing him around town and knows the hotel where he’s lodged with a woman.

She added that their children are at home and can’t go to school because they are owing school fees, yet he’s lodging with a woman in a hotel.

She said she shared the message in the group because her husband is a member and she wants him to see it.

She then disclosed that she’s leaving him and told him where to find his key when he returns.

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Chidubem Emmanuel: Madam,if you saw her in a hotel just know that he lodged in a delta hotel,he wants to minister with the lady!!!..have you forgotten that he is a motivational speaker?
Don’t coman drag him here..
Men are not what you think they are!!!

Onyeka Onyeka: She should pray for him than dragging him upandan

Precious Luchi: Madam you don’t need to drag him yet maybe it’s for business, you can drag him anyhow you want if the room he lodge in is 306 or 301 or 402

George Walter: But those ladies that are always aware but still find pleasure in sleeping with other women’s husband for money, even if their village people had vowed that they’ll never marry, they must surely get married and wait for #karma 😏👌🚶🚶🚶

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Mercy Ocheme: That is why I said, having keys to your boyfriends house doesn’t mean he faithful.
The match can still be played in another stadium 🚶🚶🚶

Victor Williams: Many ladies don’t know that a man can have 10000 girlfriends outside but still love his wife

Lady drags husband who claimed he was travelling to Delta but lodged in a hotel with another woman
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