Lady reportedly joins her main boyfriend to fight off her side guy in Ogun State.

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A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a triple-threat wrestling match went down in Ilaro, Ogun State.

However, going by the reports, the fight was between a Guy and his side chick, the guy also had by his corner, his main girlfriend and they teamed up to unleash blows on the side-guy.

Twitter user, Vicceti, who shared the video, wrote ;

You people should come and watch triple threat Handicap match on Valentine’s Day sha 😂.

WTF is going on

See video below ;

See comments and reactions:

Oke Uje: The side piece, the main guy, the side piece an the main guy. Fight fight. In Ogun State. Na waoh. This is not an interesting piece

Sogbeye Oloju: My concern is the utensil she pulled out from the kitchen. Thank goodness it wasn’t a knife.

Side piece sha strong.

David Ekhalekha: This our generation like taking pictures of people in distress instead of separating the fight they prefer to video

Epie Olivia: My problem is the pair of trousers the side guy had on, eyesore 😂😂

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