Lady sues boyfriend for failing to marry her after 8 years


A woman has sued her boyfriend for wasting her time and not marrying her even after being together for eight years.

Twenty-six-year-old Gertrude Ngoma told a Zambian court she had gotten tired of waiting to get married to Herbert Salaliki, 28, who promised to wed her.

According to Mwebantu, Ngoma was still living with her parents despite having a child with Herbert who was staying on his own.

The boyfriend is reported to have handled the dowry payment but still had not wedded his baby mama.

Ngoma revealed she was tired of waiting and opted to sue his lover for not being serious about their future.

“He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future,” she said.

Ngoma said she doubted Hebert’s loyalty after discovering he was testing another woman who she believes has something going on with her boyfriend.

In his defence, Hebert said he was not in the right financial position to afford a wedding and also blamed Ngoma for not giving him the needed attention.

The judge presiding the case advised both that reconciliation was the best way to go as there was no evidence of any marriage yet.

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Julia Ikott: She’s fair enough..
If it were some girls, them for put you inside bottle.. He should be greatful she didn’t go diabolical. If she could drag him to court, she would have done worse, like taking the case to a babalawo.. Everybody should just understand that, joy no dey for this country.. Make everybody put their fuck up for pocket.. Anybody wey fuck up, must to collect😂🤣

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Obi Nna: This guy used this girl to study a 4 year course and even went for masters and doctorate degree 🙄🙆🙆….
She should at least be happy that she is a course , he didn’t fail to marry her , he only graduated 😁😁

Monica Ishaya: She did the right thing. After wasting her time,resources and drained water from her body.

Bunmi Ayoade: Eight years, that’s a lifetime. I would do the same if o was in her shoes. Its only God that can judge this case

Damy Luciana: You get mind to just date a guy for 8 years😱😱😱😱.
Some ladies are wonderful.
Mbok I no try am. 8years of rejecting other guys cos “I’m in a relationship “. Haaaaaaa, sister I hail you o. If after 3 years you aren’t saying anything,mbok I find my way. It’s not by force

James Job: Eyah… For her to be this patience for 8 years she has good hrt.

The guy must have drained her..
Physically, morally, financially, even spiritually.

Girls are trying though

Udoka Ebube: Eh now babes are talking I like wat am seeing after. He must have drained every nutrients , but wait ooo u mean say since that 4,5,6,& 7 years your mind no give u singnal say the game fit cut , well under sub section 56 under 1345 constitution I hear by sentence the guy to 8 years in prisonment my decision is final 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

Eric Udeh: 8 what? 8 yrs of praying for her boyfriend well being and for GOD to bless the work of his hand, 8yrs of cooking and washing his cloths, 8yrs of giving him any style he wants, 8yrs of fasting and praying for runs girls not see her boyfriend,now you want to leave her alone in this world.. nne no gree i dy ur back do you ve lawyer already couse im available..

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Princess zizi Umeji: Highest, The court will ask the guy to pay for damages.

8years of your life given to a guy
See as the guy said he doesn’t want you, the mistake has been made.. don’t force the guy to marry you because you will never enjoy the marriage. I can’t even try it . People should be wise!

Lady sues boyfriend for failing to marry her after 8 years
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