Lady who’s in a long distance relationship, narrates her experience


A lady who’s presently in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend has narrated her experience, and how it can make someone “mental”.


Sharing her story, she noted that she lives in Port Harcourt, while her boyfriend is presently in an airforce school in Kaduna.

In her words;

“One night I was feeling kinda sick and too tired to chat so I went to bed early I told my boyfriend, baby goodnight, sleep early, he said he would.

Fast forward to 5am I saw his last seen 3:57am. and he updated his status at intervals.
I immediately checked his business WhatsApp 10:23pm.

Won’t really say he was working so what was he doing online. I went ahead to check his last seen on freefire (video game) it was two days ago. I kept trying to figure out what he was up to the whole night, patiently waited till night then I popped the question; “Shebi you said you’d sleep early, being online is no fun without me, what where you doing last night?”

Bros was thinking I was joking with him and he was sending me stickers. I chatted his roommate up, trying to cover up he said both of them slept early they had a long day. Immediately I assumed something fishy was up. I started laying my facts down to baby “I checked your business line, and game(don’t game but I have the freefire game just to spy in him and know if he is actually gaming when he says so😑) but you were not there you told me you were done with your new course”.

Baba started “have I given you a reason to doubt me” trust your girl na I wasn’t buying. Bros leave that thing and tell me who you were chatting last night. We had a big argument. Guys are evil they know exactly how to maneuver things I felt bad but me too na drama queen.

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I said so what you where doin last night is worth all this fighting perhaps this relationship is not important to you, just tell me. Las Las he was gaming with his brother’s account to boost it. I asked for prove he sent screenshots and and checked the account last seen was right around the time he slept.

He wasn’t quite happy with me so I had his friends arrange a nice gift for him and sent a cute email. Long distance relationships can make you mental. but we are not giving up yet.

I stay in Ph and he is presently in an airforce school in Kaduna. Things are bound to get testy so please he must prove and continue to prove, me too go prove.”

See comments and reactions

Damaris Solomon: girl my advice for you is to be prayerful and gradually understand his type of person when you’re not close to him free your mind coz monitoring him will not do you good or else you will keep hurting yourself. peace out

Ihuoma Esi: No, be everything you go dey check. If you get HBP, come die, the man go find another love sharp sharp oo
The reason, I am not in a relationship is fear of dating /marrying an unfaithful man😭, it will be a slap on my personality, and faithfulness. God help me 🙏💏

Joy Utang: Lng distance relationship is not the problem it is the person u are involved with. Even married ppl staying in the same haus oh still cheat. I enjoy distance relationship becos it keeps me out of the whole drama of jealousy

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Mn Go Hol Achie: It involves a lot of strength sha!

Whether long distance relationship, or you’re in the same environment with the person(close), if it’s not with someone you can trust not to cheat, you’ll always be suspecting.

If you’re lucky to find someone you can beat your chest, that can never cheat, you will be at rest!
Las Las, no kill yourself for relationship matter!

Chi- Lotam Nnamdi: One thing about long distance relationship is that you have to work on your communication and trust.
Be busy with yourself, Remove anything that would bother you both emotionally and physically. If you both are meant for each other, the connection will be unbreakable no matter what

Chilotam Nnamdi

Chineye Blessing: Long distant relationship actually last. It depends on our interest. Most time, our interest ain’t genuine. We are only interested in intimacy and once that poses as impossible at that time, we conclude it won’t work.

Isn’t it funny that some people tag relationship between two people residing in different state as a distant one, but once is in abroad, it is no longer a distant one.

There’s no distance when two hearts are in love. But insincerity and deceit is usually the issue, leading to lack of trust.

Relationship and life matters – page.

Peace Oka: Long distance relationships are hard . But if you can love , trust, communicate ,respect and support each other from a distance . Then the relationship will be great. Great relationship is not about the love you had in beginning. But how well you continue building love😍.

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Victor Edicha: Sometimes, Ladies over react. Long distance is not the issue. She doesn’t trust him. Even if both of them live in PH, it will still happen. You tell a guy goodnight, because you were tired and wanted to sleep, did he tell you he wanted to sleep at that moment too? You wanted to use your own goodnight to force guy man to bed. If I’m not feeling sleepy, your goodnight won’t put sleep in my eyes. Last seen could be when he wanted to check a message a colleague dropped. Na why I no d set my last seen oo. To avoid dis kind nonsense

Amadi Chuks: Long distance relationship is sweet and successful when 4 parties involved understands their roles without encroachment.

Alexandra Pedro: The guy should have just tell her what kept him up all night because the girl was worried
And I thought the persons we date are our best friends so why keep things from them

Nama Cassy: Hanty you get strength ooo, you want to keep monitoring and you are in long distance relationship, wake up Nne and save yourself the headache because you won’t win. Even dating someone at your backyard is stressful something If you ain’t ready to learn how to ignore and overlook certain things, relationship isn’t for you

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