#LekkiMassacre: “DJ Switch should be prosecuted” — Journalist Gbolahan Macjob says


Nigerian journalist, Gbolahan Macjob, has called for DJ Switch to be prosecuted.

If you can recall, on the 20th of October, Endsars protesters were shot at while they were protesting at the Lekki Toll Gate, and during this this incident, DJ Switch was present.

DJ Switch immediately went live on Instagram where she and others tried to save those with gunshot wounds.

While the Lagos state government insists only one person has been confirmed dead, DJ Switch in a video posted on her Instagram page on Friday, October 23, said she and others present during the attack, counted 15 bodies. She said the only thing she regrets now was that she and others carried the bodies and dumped at the feet of soldiers who carried them away. Read here.

In a post shared on his Facebook page, Gbolahan who works for BBC in the UK, called DJ Switch a fraud and added that she must be tried. His post reads

“DJ Switch is a fraud and her lies has caused a lot of destruction. She must be tried and prosecuted once the facts come out in the open. And let me assure you, she will not get asylum, regardless of her CNN interview. Nobody likes being manipulated or used. The intel is out there and her game will be up soon. You guys realise there’s something called satellite imagery bah? And you’ve heard of BBC Africa Eye ? have you not? Okay we shall soon see how the dead bodies of the massacre were removed and why their family members are yet to come to demand their whereabouts. Lies kill more than guns.” he wrote

See Comments and Reactions from the reading public

Blessed Monday: Can you imagine this sh*t.. so you are telling us the discharged of ammunition is also a fake one. Abeg abeg. Let’s just get focus on the matter on that lead us to this stage and forget about every other distractions. The movement is still on and strong .

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Jude Nosa: This foolish journalist how much have u been paid to give a false statement. Hmnm na u journalist be the real liar— one day ur cup go full if u no speak the truth, always publishing lies and fake stories. Unscrupulous journalist, ure a cow

Odogwu Perry: All of you are very mad
How much did they Bribe you to write this.
Very soon just very soon, breeze will blow and the fowls nyash will open.
The whole world will soon see All this gvmt evil deed

Ogbanje Babwire: she have a very big prove,
a Enough bullet was with her on the live video,
na provocation of thunder go kill Lagos State government,
for lainy to us in the first place.

Uche Udo: This journalist need to sell every thing he has…. both his cameras n mic… to buy sense. E MUMU na follow come…. E dey carton.

Rich Lawrence: To be frank
The best thing to do now is to table the address of that journalist so that menh will do their own needful
Una dey call am interview
Street dey call am needful

Lilian Steven: You say😲 Hmmmm There’s God ooooo 🤔.

Okay 👌 What about the dead bodies of those thousands of people you claimed that died of coronavirus 🙄 could you also please provide let their individual families come for claims.

Nonsense and Police brutality.
It’s just a shame…stop dragging this country back wards please..

Nnalue Monday: Am not surprised, some journalist can easily be bought. They were so many eye withness on that day not only DJ switch, in case if don’t know that. The Truth can not be hidden.

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Ogbonna Monday: You are a shame to journalism. May death wipe all your families so you know how it feels you fool. Tell me ,a country that plays politics with lives how do you think it will move forward. A country with people like you as a journalist I pity am.

Oluwa Chingy: If u are taking her pls come take me to am an eye witnessed cos I was there with all tru the nite soldiers used the barikades to block our ambulance from entren.and they took more 10dead bodies away I cried that nite ..chaiiii Nigerian government can lie abeg

Oluwa Shifu: What a pity Nigeria govt shameless human being God will not forgive you people and you this stupid journalist haha🙄🙄🙄🙄 problem dey for this country we need serious pray for Nigeria

Ezinne Okolo: The Army should be tried for branding the truth FAKE NEWS. Please somebody help me slap the so-called journalist that wrote this please.

Olayin Kayode: Gbolahan, God Almighty will purnised you and the whole members of your families ijmn amen, the blood of the slain gallant youths that we,re killed will be Hunting you and whole your Generation ijmn amen, so shall it be ijmn amen, start looking your repercaution as from today on

Joy Boniface: Be it true or not, why didn’t you come out to protest and maybe see for yourself!!! We all know who is to be persecuted first. don’t come here and talk rubbish concerning a woman that left her comfort zone to risk her precious life… RIP to the ones we lost 😓

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Roseline Ogban: My God protect and preserve this lady. You people should fix the problem on ground leave DJ switch alone o. Don’t say I didn’t warn u, the person telling this lies, calamity will befall u if u don’t get your hands of her

Mary Ann: Mr journalist pls use your brain small. The incident that someone close to me confirmed it.pls let Dh Switch be enough of the threats and blackmail

Kingsley Humphrey: What a country, this government is full of evil. DW news journalist was live there, she even told how the soldiers massacred the peaceful protesters

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