#LekkiMassacre: The Lies , The Truth And The Sanctity Of Our Nation ~ Forgive Amachree


The Lies , The Truth And The Sanctity Of Our Nation:

I hope you now know that nobody sustained gunshot injuries and no one died from such at the Lekki Toll Gate Protest?

I hope you now know that all reputable media outlets are pulling down news related to the alleged Lekki Toll Gate deaths and apologising , because they have discovered they were deceived by the likes of DJ Switch?

I hope you know that up till now, no one has been identified that died from the alleged gunshots at the said Lekki Toll Gate Saga and no family has come out claiming any of their relatives died thereto, despite the financial promises to such valid claims?

I hope you now know that the real killers are those who spread these rumours, without recourse to verifying the authenticity of such news, but rather tried to hush, resorting to blackmail and threats on those who saw the fraud and tried to point them out?

I hope you now know that so many people died in several locations across the country based on the unfounded, fabricated and concocted information you reeled out as the truth, whereas they were blatant lies?

You came up with #EndsarsProtest# , which we all supported, believing it was targeted to address the excesses of a particular unit of the Nigeria Police. Curiously , it was rather turned into a political vendetta and criminality perpetrating auspices.

Lies can only thrive, but for a while. Truth must ultimately prevail over lies.

The President accepted all your 5 points Agenda, without rejecting any, and started implementing same immediately. Yet, bent on your premeditated motives, due to the deep-seated hatred for this government, you could not allow reasons prevail by calling off the protest , but rather you were propelled further to execute your sinister intentions of wilful destruction of lives and property, obstruction of movements, trampling on the rights of others and outright criminalities.

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Now your illicit and ill-motivated plans are in the open for public scrutiny.

You are the real enemies of the country and its citizens.

You yearned for the President to address the nation, he yielded to your clamour. But because he did not tell you what you wanted by identifying and magnifying your imaginary situations built on lies and deceits, you called the address a speechless speech.

You clandestinley aligned with IPOB and other enemies of the nation in the guise of “Peaceful Protesters” with arm bearing youths to unleash mayhem on the hapless citizens of the nation, including looting and wanton destruction of property of hardworking Nigerians.

You are the real enemies of the people!
I mean you , yes you people, supporting evil , beclouded by hatred to see the truth.

You rain curses, because we differ with you by standing on the truth, but you are not God.

Let us support the Government at all levels to lead us while their terms last. You can use the ballot box to voice your stand when the time comes.

You cannot change this government midway through your evil machinations.

We love our nation, Nigeria!

Nigeria must be great again, there is no alternative to that!!

We must all work together to make that happen through our attitudinal and mental re-orientation for Positive Change, that will take us to the Next The Next Level!!!

Forgive Amachree

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