Local Governments are supposed to get highest allocation ~ Anuebunwa Victor Chidozie

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Local Government Areas are supposed to be given the highest of the revenue that accrues to the nation. Not the Federal Government or the State Governments.

No Nigerian President or any State Governor have had those who voted for them visiting their offices in their numbers badgering them for money for; burial of one relative or the other, wedding, wife’s antenatal registration, money for caesarian session or normal delivery, feeding, child dedication, money to register the child(ren) in school, child(ren) School fees, and what have you! That is what many Local Government Chairmen go through on a daily basis.

It is what makes Honourable Ihunwo Victor Nyeche JP, Phalga Boss, THICK. Irrespective of what it is at present, it does not stop him from reaching out to his people and working for them.

The crowd that throngs his office with myriads of demands has not deterred or frightened him from being regular to work, meeting face-to-face with the people to indelibly imprint himself in their hearts. He is also working tirelessly to leave his signature in office, whenever the time comes, by enhancing the aesthetic of the council and improving on what he met when he assumed office.

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