“Love without money leads to frustration and anger” – Khloe

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Controversial reality star, Abiri Oluwabusayomi, otherwise known as Khloe, has said that money is more important than love when it comes to relationships.

The BBNaija 2018 housemate made this known under Ubi Franklin‘s Instagram post, where he asked which is more important between love and marriage.

Khloe commented saying money is more important because love can’t answer some questions.

She also added that love without money leads to frustration and anger. Read her comment below…

In her words ;

“MONEY… love can’t answer some questions. Money supports love… love without money leads to frustration and anger”

See comments and reactions

Emmawhealth Ochai: I had nothing wen we started and till now the love keep Growing. A lady with the understanding of God’s words doesn’t put money first. And a hardworking lady doesn’t believe in the financial status of her spouse.

Honesty Ariojakimo: I wish we can all have the kind of love our grand parents had..soaking garri with joy and laughter, fight alot and no one knowing how the mothers get pregnant. 🤔

Real Bobby: Love is the fire, while Money is the fuel of any relationship! There is nothing compared to being financially comfortable in a relationship!

Precious Osazenomwa: Yes we know is True! We all love money! But the ability for both sex to work/ hustle for the money makes it beautiful and sweet….it’s not just one person thing! In such situation it might not work

Meez Rose: Very true, no matter how hard you try the feeling decrease with time, love is sweet but when money enters love is sweeter💓💓💓

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Tony Wise Udom: contentment is all that matters. u can hv much money and still not be okay.. love and money are enemies. true love is contentment

Ali Elizabeth: This is so true
Money is so important in relationship.
It’s just that some ladies made the whole thing looks as if those guys own us everything.

Osai Albert Igbafe: The same money can spoil or kill the love. Wisdom is the principal thing and in all this get understanding. Without wisdom and understanding, your love and money will crash, You will wish you didn’t have money.

Franco Di Santo: I disagree, love can come before money, everything cannot come at the same time, there are relationships that started without money and there was nothing like frustration because there was determination to make money, when a man is determined and hardworking, makes himself happy always he can’t be frustrated no matter what….. Then money can come later when he has a woman that believes in his dreams…

Nancy David: My man is not rich but we’re managing. And I’m loving him for the pass 2 years now.

Anne Wats: This girl use all her body today to reason such ‘good sense’. Money even makes people more beautiful/handsome.

Christopher Nkemdirim Onuoha: This girl use all her body today to reason such ‘good sense’. Money even makes people more beautiful/handsome.

Alao Ayomide: I agree completely…car with out fuel…Aw will it move…we end up pushing it with so much stress and hope we are not wasting our time.
Coz it’s only in Nollywood a poor man ends up rich…in reality a poor man can die poor.. it only takes…grace of God and working smart.

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Nelson Chisom: Nobi lie ooh
Even me as a man. As I broke I no dey Happy with my self…
God please bless every guy hustling for em daily bread

But girls must money dey involve before you love us …
Just love us and build with us
I come in peace ✌️

Lastborn Xtian: Love with or without money doesn’t work most time , it takes understanding between d individuals involved on d relationship to make it work

Estar Igwe: There is true love without money but money is the extra oil needed in the relationship because there can still be money buy u still won’t be happy 😃

Friday Solomon: You thought when Davido said love is sweet but when money dey e sweeter, he was lying? Regina Daniel that left Somadina for Ned , that where you thinking.

My brother CALM DOWN well hustle well, even if the hustle never pay, Just GIVE IT ONE MORE CHANCE, keep calming down and double your hustle … E go pay one day…

Vera Bae: Its true, same thing applicable to guys, if u don’t give ur guy money sometimes, surprise his account or buy him gifts, he’ll sometimes be angry with u without any reason,guys need to be cherished, not Everytime they’ll be giving u without getting, it pains, one day he’ll get frustrated and angry
May God give us women that love our man a befitting job that we’ll use and Be surprising them Always because its not easy to love and carter for their woman😔🙏

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