Madam breaks her little maid’s head because she allegedly failed to give her child afternoon pap

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A young maid identified as Kaosisochukwu is battling with an injury allegedly inflicted on her head by her madam because she allegedly failed to give her child afternoon pap.

Facebook user, Samuel Tochi who saw the injured girl on Sunday in Onitsha, with her head bandaged took to the social media platform to share the story alongside pictures.

“This child name is Kaosisochukwu, met her on my way to buy akara this Sunday morning. These are injuries inflicted to her by the woman she is currently staying with. Her offence was that she didn’t feed her madam child her afternoon pap. Please I need human right lawyer or social welfare org. That can take over this case. Location is 3-3 Onitsha Anambra State. Call me on 07063136813

See comments and reactions:

Ayo Matthew: It’s better to die with hunger with your kids than to give them to another

Jennifer Amarachi: This world is wicked.. Father Lord give me the grace to birth and the resources to take care of my children by myself…. That woman should be jailed/tortured seriously

Kelvin Cool: So because of pap nar make she just turn human being head to round about

King Alexander ii: It’s hight time police or the government starts arresting and sentencing all those men/women who maltreats their maids/househelps.. They should be given at least 5 years imprisonment for the crime…

Durumba Okechukwu:
Exact thing happened to me in 2004, not that i didn’t give the girl the pap I gave her but she refused taking it.
My Aunty came back and broke the flask on my head, I was around 12 years then.

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Yahaya Yusuf Yari: Just because someone is ur house help doesn’t mean he or she is not human. Muhammad Ali once said “If u treat d waiter awfully bad u ar not my frnd bcoz u’ll treat me d same way if i was poor”.

Nliam Happiness: Its d way your wife treat her maid dat shows her character,not how she is treating you with love(full of pretence)

Maureetala Tunde: Don’t blame her too much na poverty won kill her, how person go break head bcoz of pap, she not get money to buy cornflakes or better food for her child, that what make her vex.

Aina Aminatu: May God save this country from the hands of this kind of people cause if her type should be more than 10 in this our country ehn, no one will have a head

Annjielika Okim: Why be say na mostly Igbo’s dey maltreat dia maids???this is too bad na…I know some other tribes do it too but its mostly Igbos..

Mercy Mbazor: That’s why I always tell people to give birth to the number of children they can Carter for but some will not hear saying that it’s God that trains children….God forbid that I should send any of my children to go do maid for someone.

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