Man calls out his date for playing Candy Crush all through their outing


A Twitter user has taken to the platform to lament over an unusual behavior as his date won’t stop playing Candy Crush on their outing.

Candy Crush is an addictive puzzle mobile game that comes with different challenges the more the player advances in the levels.

What was supposed to be a fun-filled outing where two prospect lovers talk and eat turned out boring as the lady continued playing the mobile game.

Taking to Twitter, the man wrote, “Literally on a date with someone rn and all she’s done since she got here is play candy crush on her phone I kid you not. And this person literally asked that we go out.”

Giving update of their date, the man said after they drank some alcohol, the lady dropped the phone and he ended up deleting the tweet after it became viral.

See comments and reactions

Catherine Ogechi: The only time anyone would be busy with their phone on a date is when he/she doesn’t like the person.

But then, honestly it doesn’t tell well of a person.

Amaka Onyemuche: Even if a chat was boring you should respect the fact that someone came out cos of you. …i hate it when someone do that….make out time for that person

Chinwoke Uche: You guys won’t understand 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 candy crush can make someone it’s addict, maybe she wanted to pass a level

Sanzy Best: Its not easy to overcome the temptation of candy crush
On behalf of her forgive me, sorry on behalf of me forgive her🙄
What am I even saying 🚶🚶🚶🚶

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Favour Innocent: I can imagine how boring the situation could have been for the two of you… her going as far as playing candy crush and you for noticing….

Lastborn Xtian: Some girls no just well if na me ..o go just leave am for that place without her knowledge ….when she play the candy crush finish she go pay for the bills ..if she no fit pay she go wash plate till her hands white ..nonsense

Mark Aleke: It simply means, she’s not interested in you. Have experience it before in my school days but immediately l notice it, l quietly call on the waiter, pay for the bill and excuse myself. I actually told her that l want to pick a friend down the road straight to my house. Lets learn not to force ourselves on people.

Man calls out his date for playing Candy Crush all through their outing
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