Man faces sound system in direction of church that always ‘disturbs’ him


A Twitter user has shared a photo of a sound system a friend placed in the direction of a church that usually disturbs him in the morning even on weekdays.

According to @ebelee_, her friend began playing American singer, Cardi B’s “WAP” after placing the sound system on the fence demarcating the two compounds.

The Twitter user wrote;

“Faysal has killed me this morning. There’s a church next to his house that’s always making noise early in the morning even on weekdays, baba carried his sound system from his house to put on the fence demarcating the 2 compounds and started playing WAP”

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Owas Victor: Good job, some pastors are so inconsiderate, they will disturb somebody till one becomes restless, in this country who Sabi shout na be spiritual pastor, mad people

Michael Ngoka: There are three churches sorounding my home ,the disturbance is too much ,they do night vigil and crusades one after the other ,some times I wonder whether they even have jobs

Maurice Udoh: Is better he park out of there, than to distract d children of God from worshipping God in Holiness

Chineyenwa Okoye: I really don’t blame the man. I know that feeling. My house is situated in the middle of two Churches, sometimes I get confused on which group to sing along with

Bertha Kiannagbo: See them, they are all here commenting they hate noise but they are still the same people that will be shouting ride on sir in church. Since we all hate noise, who are those attending Vigil every Friday night? Even the pastor that was shouting “the person with the highest Amen will receive the blessing first” is also saying he hates noise. So na who come dey make the noise?🙄🙄

Precious Peace Udochi: Na so they brain wash my roommate for the new church she entered everywhere for my room na oil oil in the night she will be doing security guard throwing things away saying they said she should stop collecting gift they now monitor her with gift turning the whole house upside down because of religion na so I rebuke her to stop all those nonsense that I don’t believe those nonsense that I don’t want to see that nonsense oil close to any of my belongings since then everywhere don calm down she started keeping malice 😂

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Jamiu Sheriff: Where did they get that noisy pattern from?
I could remember the Bible say Jesus pray quietly,Nd privately,

Even in Israel Nd Rome,they worshipped in moderate manner,

Pls is our own God having ear problem?

Thomas Henaayo: I love it. I will definitely do this too….religion no be craze. You can’t keep disturbing people all in the name of religion. I have a fellow that wakes up at about 4am in my neighborhood and go about with a public address system disturbing the peace.

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