Man narrates how he ended up closing his bank account after he offered to pay a girl’s bill at a club, and waiter brought N430,000 bill


Twitter user, London Akan has narrated how he ended up closing his bank account after he offered to pay a girl’s bill at a club, and the waiter brought N432,500 bill.

He wrote;

“I was eyeing one babe in club but she was with her friends..I was thinking of how to approach them so I decided to pay their bill. I saw only one Moet Rose on their table so I knew I could handle it.I called the waiter and asked him to tell them not to pay that I’ll handle it.

The guy went to talk to them and they smiled and waved at me. They stood up to leave and I approached them. Hello can I talk to you before you leave. Sorry,some other time my boyfriend is waiting outside. That’s how they walked away and left me hanging just like that.

Omo when I went back to my table,the waiter brought the bill and guess what Waiter: sir this is their bill 432500

Me : Are you normal ?? How is one moet Rose 432500???

Waiter : aaah sir its not one Rose they took o. We had already cleared the table. The guys they came with went outside and dropped the card for her to pay before you offered to pay.
Me : So what’s the discount ??

Waiter : the original bill was 490k sir. That’s the discount price . Should we add your order to the bill at once so you can pay everything at once ?

That’s how I closed my account to pay bill and u ended up not drinking anything that night apart from smoking shisha. Please guys always order the drinks yourself cause wahala be like bicycle”.


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Chris Ik: There is a boutique. We have okirika. And we have mall. You are not force to go 8nto any of those shops. You enter them according to your account balances. So my point is that the man just want to show himself. But God come shame him

Chukwutem Ossai: Oh Wow!!! What a good Samaritan in a Club!
Bravo!!! Your reward is in heaven 👍.
I wish you’d be that generous to your fellow men. Then we’d just vote you as the President of this country, so that all citizens would smile.

Mc Ucee: Eh i go change my mind nah.
As long as she never commot, i go call am back. Aunty pay your bill, shame no go catch me at all 😂

Chidiebere God’spower: That why i never for once go to the club with a lady or meet a lady in the club, i prefer getting the whole drink’s in my room and drink like seriously and then sleep like a baby 👼.

Chidinma Imocha: This is very bad but you could have told them that you don’t have such and call back the girl to pay her bill or unless you came with her and even at that you could have told her when she was making orders

Soremekun Imisioluwa: Nobody forced you to pay her bills.
Story for the gods.🙄

Wait o, so now you no get bank account?! How do you collect salary or make payment?!


Divine Wisdom: Good for him… the most annoying thing is that he couldn’t help poor family members who can life him up when he is down

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