Man who agreed to pose as lady’s husband for 8 years laments after falling in love with her

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A Nigerian man has shared his ordeal with a lady who signed a contract with him to pose as her husband for eight years.

He agreed to the contract and they have four children, but he’s now in love with her and can no longer part ways with her despite the fact that the contract has expired.

Sharing his situation, he wrote;

“I was 36 years old when I got this offer from a lady. She said she needed a guy that will be her husband for 8 years. Her mom was on her neck to get married. She placed me on a salary of 200,000 for the period I will be acting as her husband. She gave me terms and conditions which include must worship her, do house chores, never to cheat on her.

She said she will use the period to make babies and she needed a man who is worthy to be a father to impregnate her. At the expiration of the contract, she will pay me off with N5million and on no account should I come to claim the children. I accepted because life was hard and I needed money badly. We have four children. 3 girls and a boy. I now see them as my family and I am already madly in love with my wife. That years of being together is the best years of my life. I have been begging her to reconsider but she wants freedom to do as she like.

Now she wants me to throw her out and if her people come begging, I shouldn’t accept so it would look as if her husband got tired and decided to end things. Cynthia I want to be with you and the children as one family. Cynthia is the best thing any man can have. Even though she made me agree to do house chores, she never allow me do it. We have house helps and she make sure she cook my food herself.”

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Ayokunle Emmanuel: The guy made a mistake but anyone could have made such.
1. He should have involve a dowry or a wedding in present favour of the lady as per her plan but the guy will later benefit from it.
2. I think the guy was busy focusing on the money and that give a wrong impression on the lady. Forget agreement a sensible lady won’t wanna mary someone who only feed on her money
3. The guy should av developed himself to be a better person, that could attract the lady and make him have a rethink

But I think the guy still have a little edge, so far there is no written agreement or evidential about the contract, He may still maneuver his way to claim the children and probably get the lady hands down.

Mhiz Cha Cha: Mr Oga the truth of the matter is that you fail in love with her money. otherwise you would had done everything possible to make her fall in love with you.

Joseph Chris: Whether both of them like it or not those children must unite them in future, and if I’m to advice here the man should rather remain single if he really loves the family that much.

Chinye Gift: He should ask for a renewal of the contract or a review where it is impossible to have a review so that they can still be Coparenting their kids together ….

Ejyke Deo: My African brother, it’s n agreement right, and the whole agreement has been met by her,ie she paid you as agreed?,and you also acted as agreed for years right?this is the reason light skin girl shut person,you can’t eat your cake and still have it,do as agreed,that’s gentle,I she cares both can come together to make it reality, even the children is enough to bring you together solidly,thankio

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Faith Santus: So after this 8years you couldn’t even make the woman fall in love with you were busy collecting your salary… anyways don’t worry your children will surely come find you okay …
But the story sha 😂

Jean Harry: If I ever see the Cynthia,I will tell that you want to come back and steal everything she has.infact you want to come back and kill her..

The rubbish from this man is too much ..

He just noticed that Cynthia is a wife material after the expiration of his contract with her..

You should have start making an arrangement to forever live with her from the last three years of your contract if she is exactly what you told us.

Just go back to your normal life and start afresh.