Man writes church, demanding for all the offerings he gave for over 20years he was a member


A man has penned down a letter to his former church, demanding for all the offerings he gave while he was a member of the church.

According to the man, he gave the offerings under undue influence, duress and intimidation, but now, he wants his money back.

He wrote;

“I hereby demand reimbursement of all the monies I contributed to the church while I was a member from the year 1997 to 2018. I confirm that the contributions were not voluntary and blame this on undue influence, duress and intimidation (If you do not give offering, you will go to hell).

Kindly deposit the amount in my bank account enclosed with this letter and not later than 31st November, 2020. Failure to pay the stipulated amount before the said date shall prompt legal proceedings”.

Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Anselm Isiogo: This country is just a very funny place to live because it is full of comedians. I will soon sue Catholic Church for the offerings I have been giving.

Christ Sam: He should pay for the chair he has been sitting, the communion he has been taking and the sermon he has been listening to…… tell fg to give you all your tax

John Onesi: Please, tell the man that the pastors have acquired more private jets with it!! Noo!! The tithe collectors didn’t build one single free school with it oo, not even for the poor among their own Members…

Ok, please take heart, it’s your loss… Maybe in your next life, you will develop some sense…


Temilorun Alabi: This happens when churches have made it a culture to give offering even when it doesn’t come from your heart. Years on years of looting of money palliatives of their church members… Am not surprised



Man writes church, demanding for all the offerings he gave for over 20years he was a member
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