Marriage is overrated, I’m just looking for a baby daddy – BBNaija’s Khloe


Former big brother Naija housemate, Abiri Oluwabusayomi popularly known as Khloe, has said that marriage is overrated.

The entrepreneur and reality star says that what she is just looking for now is a father figure to have a child with her and she’d be okay.

“Marriage is must overrated. I’m just looking for a father figure. Let’s have 1 kid and be happy. Lobatan”

she wrote on Snapchat.

Recall that Khloe recently bragged about her latest achievements in a new video after undergoing a successful plastic surgery.

The chocolate skinned screen diva confirmed she underwent plastic surgery to enhance her body, was filmed in a new video bragging about finally getting the “perfect body shape’ while flaunting her assets.

See comments and reactions

Chidera Cynthia: Yeah be a baby mama in peace for me and my sister we are getting married and surely staying married in peace love and harmony 🥰🥰

Light Adanna: Marriage isn’t overrated.
Meeting the right person and spending the rest of your life with the same person is awesome.
Love is honestly a beautiful thing.

Steph Annie: My dear do what makes you happy so far its not wrong in Gods sight! Enjoy..
People will always talk

Real Bobby: It’s unfortunate she has not seen her missing rib, her soulmate, the news flying around about marriage is frustrating her. Once she sees a man that turns her world around, her testimony will change.

Quin Lavish: Anyways I won’t blame her, most men are not ready for marriage but they think they are. After getting a baby from the lady, different things start happening. So in a nutshell most men too want baby Mamas… But please let’s end #badgovernance

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Lolo Akudinambu: this is what I sensed next generation will become. Babies daddy and babies mama chai!! 🙆🙆🙆 I just pity the children involved cos they won’t experienced what family or living with both parents is all about 😭😭😭

Irene Ujuaku: Pray to meet the right person that’s all. Pray to meet someone you are compatible and complete with ,then you will know that true love exists . Also be a good person and give it your all, because what you give is what you get ,Finally not everyone will get married . Just wait for your man no snatch person own you go understand

Marriage is overrated, I’m just looking for a baby daddy – BBNaija’s Khloe
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