“Marry a woman you can afford and stop saying women love money,” Actress Chidimma Aneke tells men


Nollywood Actress, Chidimma Aneke has shared her thoughts on the idea that women love money.

According to her, men should stop complaining about women’s love for money and marry a woman they can afford.

The post she shared via her Instagram page reads ;

There’s a female for every male, Please marry a girl you can afford and stop saying women love money.

Do you love poverty ? #Hello.

See comments and reactions

Amuche Fidelis: This is reality and if u are not ready to face it,then continue arguing. She made a point,so pick the lesson from her statement then add it to what u learn everyday and u see ur life changing.

Aliz Thompson: She is right yes, but also as a lady it’s better you engage your self with something doing. It’s helps alot. I come in peace

Splendid Sun Jp: It Better for men to look for rich girl to married than those waka waka girls unless after 2years u will finally divorce each other because life done change now if you think woman love you with you empty pocket it a lie she they find way to leave u or maybe she they fuck people around you may God help us men✊

Etok Edidiong: So to love a high standard girl now na crime ,if she loves you and knows you can’t maintain her she will maintain herself for you ,love is beyond what we say it is.

Umeh Joseph: So women are now product people can afford? Hmmmm it just shocking our we unlearn the real deal to learn rubbish . To me has a guy love a lady with whatever you have even ur last drop of blood if that is the only thing you can ( afford) love her with it then let her decide if you are what will improve her and she inturn improve u . I move

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Ikenna Christian: All these celebrities who had long sold their soul to materialism will always come out to the social media to spew rubbish in their mouth ….See how she has succeeded in making herself a commodity… mtcheww ….Nonsense and yeye celebrities … With that her miserable waist looking like Ochanja roundabout

Aber Jerry: If a woman love you she doesn’t think about anything, the little she has and the little you have can manage life and home. celebrities will advise you and still run out of rich men home. They will tell ladies, am happy being single and still be sleeping with married men. Inside life

“Marry a woman you can afford and stop saying women love money,” Actress Chidimma Aneke tells men
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