May it never be well with side chicks who break homes – Reno Omokri


Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has challenged any girl who might want to claim she has slept with him since he got married.

According to him, they need to come forward and speak or forever remain silent. Reno threw the challenged after a Twitter user alleged he has side chics.

The author took to his Twitter handle to call on men to ensure they are good fathers to their children just as they are to their side chic.

According to him, if the side chics had fatherly love while growing up, they would never have turned out to be side chics.

Reno also cursed side chicks who break homes. Read his tweets below….


Read people’s comments and reactions below;

Vera Paul: The man said I do this wife not the side chic, so it will be well with the side chic , d husband owes his home commitment not d side chic

Elenora Daniels: Amen to that.
And also to men who go outside,lie to gals and keep their wedding ring in their pockets!!!!
The two must receive equal punishment 😏😏😏

Authur Richard: To me I don’t blame the side chick , I blame the man….if any man is being turn by a woman he is not a man.
They should learn to stay with one girl (their wife)

Kisha Smith: And may it never be well with those men that will deny their families and clam to be single..may they suffer for 600 yrs Amen

Princess Vicky: And to those men that have faithful wife ND still cheat on them, it shall not be well will u guys… To any ladies that have a faithful guy ND still cheat on him, It shall not be well unna

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Joy Agu: It is the men that goes after the ladies, if he dint go to her, he cannot b forced or dragged into a relationship with her….. So it shall never b well with those married men who won’t love and face their wife but rather going out and looking for a side chic…..

Catherine Ogechi: A lot of men are looking for a woman who will tolerate the most bullshit and call her wife material… Amb Evergreen Kaycee wrote.

These are the kind of men who after marrying these wife material of a women, dumbs them at home and continue their sexual escapades.

It will never be well with married men who cheat on their wives.
As for the ladies who cheat with married men, This is my disappointed face🙄….wish you have your own share of what you cooked.

Elo Zino: May it never be well with those old men that disturb girls same age with their daughters…..may it never be well with those guys whose wives are faithful but still cheat on them

Oma C Oma: May it never be well with wives that nags their husbands out of their home to look for a single lady to comfort him 🤷🤷🤷🤷

Marry Esse: I don’t support side chicks to all does men who hide their identity of not being married to decieve young girls ,it will never be well with them too

May it never be well with side chicks who break homes – Reno Omokri
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