MBBS Scholarship Programs for International Students.

The MBBS scholarship programs are certainly for the international student with aspirations to study medicine abroad? The opportunity to do so is now available for you

this 2023. Moreover, these scholarships are open to all international students seeking an MD degree and are offered by top universities and government programs. Despite the high cost of obtaining a medical degree, these scholarships provide a chance for students to financially pursue their dreams.


This MBBS scholarship programs are offered ranging from the fully-funded to partially-funded options. The main objective of these scholarships is to provide deserving candidates the educational opportunity to study medicine and advance in their careers.


Additionally, the field of medicine is in need of more research and future prospects. These scholarships can provide students with the opportunity to make a positive impact on humanity and make a difference. Therefore, many international universities are eager to offer MBBS scholarship Programs, particularly to students from developing countries. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study medicine with financial aid.


It will interest you to know that applications for these scholarships are now open, so don’t hesitate to apply. And it’s also important to note that medicine is not limited to just the field of MBBS, it also includes veterinary, nursing, and other areas of research.


List of Countries that Offer Scholarships for Medical Students:

  • UAE
  • UK
  • Scotland
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • European Countries



Top MBBS Scholarship Programs for International Students:

This includes both fully-funded and partially-funded options:

  • Ibne Sina Medical Scholarships Program in Turkey – Offered by the Turkish government, covering tuition, accommodation, health expenses, airfare, and a monthly stipend.
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  • IsDB Scholarship Program – Provided by the Islamic Development Bank, offering scholarships for undergraduate, masters, Ph.D., and post-doc degrees in various medical fields.


  • Scotland Saltire Scholarship – Offering funding for international students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Scotland. Don’t miss this opportunity to pursue your medical dreams. Apply now for these scholarships and take the first step towards achieving your goals.


  • Knight Hennessy Scholarship Program – Offers 100% fully funded scholarship programs for international students to undertake Masters, Doctoral, Ms, MFA, Medical, MBA, and joint degree programs.

Official Website

  • OIST Internship in Japan – This fully funded internship in Japan offers a 2-month internship for students in medical fields and serves as the best opportunity for students who aim their internship in medical field.


  • MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship – Here’s one of the largest scholarships in Japan and as well a fully funded Japanese MEXT Research Scholarship. Note, the scholarship is open and currently accepting applications for applicants

Do visit the Portal

  • MBBS Scholarships in China – Asking if you are ready to apply for MBBS Scholarship Programs in China? You are assured to be provided with Fully-Funded Scholarship for Medical students. You are eligible to apply for Chinese government scholarships as well as MBBS scholarships


  • MBBS scholarship at Donghua University (DHU) – D. University is one of the prestigious and highly ranked universities in china. The Institution offers 58 Bachelor’s programs, 70 Master’s programs and 29 Doctoral Degree Programs. The Scholarship is available to all international students from all over the world. To study at the University, you can apply for the Shanghai Government scholarships
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  • SINGA Scholarship Singapore – A Government scholarship program offering SINGA to all international students. This educational opportunity is available for Biomedical Sciences.


  • MBBS Scholarships in the UK – MBBS scholarship programs in the UK is one of the best opportunities you can encounter. The MBBS Programs are offered by the UK Government


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