Mercy Aigbe opens up on her failed marriage, “My first slap from hubby felt like a dream”

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Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has opened up on her failed marriage with estranged husband, Lanre Gentry. The single mom of two left the hotel owner on grounds of domestic violence.

In a new episode sighted on her Youtube channel, she recounted the terrible experience saying;

“The first time the slap came, it felt like I was dreaming. I wasn’t expecting it and I was shocked beyond words. I didn’t know it was going to happen but it happened. The begging would then come after that.

Once a man raises his hand to hit you, he is going to do it over and again. However, because it was my second attempt (at marriage), I was ready to make it work, even with all the violence. I was there hoping and praying. I just wanted a happy home.

“The incident that broke the camel’s back was the one where I almost died. The beating was horrible. People often say actresses don’t want to remain married. Who told them that? (You think) being a celebrity doesn’t make me human? Does (being a celebrity) mean I don’t want to have a happy home?

They say actresses are promiscuous but promiscuity is not (the exclusive preserve of) any profession. When mine (break-up) happened, it wasn’t easy because I am a celebrity. I read a lot of things online. Some people even said I made it up. But, nobody can dictate to me how to live my life.”

Watch video below ;

See comments and reactions:

Prince Samuel Integrity: But I heard slap is the best thing used to resect stubborn woman’s brain

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Ugochi Osuji: Ok you just told us he slapped you my question is what and what did you vomit with you mouth dat resulted to d slap my sister we all women our mouth can run faster Dan a G6

Debbie Okoro: If u have never been in a situation before never ever judge the person involved. For goodness sake a woman is crying out on some domestic violence and someone women open their mouths to talk rubbish plus guys trivializing the whole ish. Wat is wrong with some people sef

Ikumasari Olutumbo: I know that domestic violence is very bad. But some of you chose to test the patients of the man ,and come out to come and run your mount like paroit ,

Annie Popping: Then she realized it wasn’t a dream am only disappointed that the man is still alive 😏 cause if it’s to be me 🤔🤔I for call area boys pay them make them beat the nigga up mercilessly 😒 I go boil water press him wounds … Next time he won’t dare slap or try beating me up … Am still disappointed tho 😪

Lilian Chimezie: Celebrity marriage! I am sure there was a guy who loves you unconditionally but bcos of ur celebrity lifestyle, u couldn’t accept him bcos you taught is a low life guy!

Igwe Alexander: Marriage is never an achievement rather pray let the rightful that suit you come to you.

Martin Kelly: Pls stay with your husband and sort out your differences and stop acting weired marriage is not bread of roses even Trump get issues with his wife just know where your love life begins to clash and amend it your husband loves you and he did not cheat on you on this matter I wish u best of luck

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Mentor Okoye: We highly condemned the beating ma, but I think you need to check yourself, because your first marriage no work the second one no still work too

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