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Mercy Corps is a leading global organization powered by the belief that a better world is possible. In disaster, in hardship, in more than 40 countries around the world, we partner to put bold solutions into action – helping people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within, now and for the future. Operating in Nigeria since 2008, Mercy Corps works in fragile and conflict-affected environments and has been providing critical relief aid, empowering communities to prevent and respond to violence, inclusive economic development, recovery from crisis, building better lives and transforming their communities for good.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Local Consultant

Locations: Abuja (FCT), Benue, Kaduna, Kano, Kogi and Plateau
Employment Type: Contract
Reports directly to: Chief of Party, CIPP


  • Mercy Corps is implementing the Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP) program. CIPP is a five-year project funded by USAID and implemented by Mercy Corps in partnership with Pastoral Resolve (PARE), Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC), Savannah Centre for Diplomacy Democracy and Development (SCDDD), African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) and Social Justice and Human Development for Peace Initiative (JDPC) .
  • The program is mitigating violent conflict in at-risk communities in six states of Nigeria’s Northwest (Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina States) and North Central (Kogi, Benue and Plateau States) through an integrated, multifaceted program that:
    • Empowers communities to prevent and respond to violence and violent extremism by strengthening key skills and relationships, and
    • Fosters an enabling environment for peace through policy advocacy, media outreach, and linkages to development programs.
  • CIPP is deliberate in its effort to implement a project whose outcomes will live past the duration of the project and thus sustain the gains of peace in areas of implementation.

Consultancy Summary

  • We seek a highly motivated individual/team who believes deeply in Mercy Corps’ organizational mission and who can lead the team in conducting CLA sessions that will inform the development of a sustainability plan for CIPP Project.
  • The development process will include initial review of the project documents, meeting key team members, organizing workshop with staff and key stakeholders.

Consultancy Key Activities

  • Desktop and Project Documents Review
  • Consultations with key team members
  • Organize workshop with selected CIPP staff
  • Organize CLA workshop with Key Stakeholders
  • Consultations with individual stakeholders
  • Production of reports

Expected Deliverables

  • Detailed Activity workplan
  • Facilitation Guide for Staff, key stakeholders’ workshops
  • One workshop for staff in Abuja
  • Two CLA workshops in North Central (one for key government officials and another for key participants)
  • Two CLA workshops in North West (one for key government officials-especially civil servants-and another for key participants)
  • Meetings with key informants (estimated to be around 10)
  • Draft Reports:
    • Main CLA report
    • CIPP Sustainability Plan (max 7 pages)

Final Report:

  • Main CLA Report
  • CIPP Sustainability Plan (Max 7 pages)

Mercy Corps Responsibilities

  • Organize logistics for consultants’ accommodation
  • Mobilization of participants/stakeholders
  • Organize all logistics associated with workshops/meetings
  • Review/approve workshops guide
  • Review Draft Reports
  • Approve final reports

Basic knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Lead Consultant: Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Development studies, Business Management or related field

Required Experience and Skills:

  • At least 5 years’ experience in facilitating workshops engaging men, women and youth groups engaged in conflict mitigation and peacebuilding
  • Experience in development of sustainability plans for Non and or For profit organizations
  • Understanding of the context/strong working knowledge of CIPP implementing states in the Northwest and North Central regions, Nigeria
  • Languages: Ability to speak and write fluent English, Languages spoken in North Central and North West Nigeria and understanding of local context extremely vital

Additional Information:

  • Timeframe / Schedule: Consultancy is expected to be completed within 23 working days.
  • Proposed Start date: June 1 2022 to July 30 2022
  • Works closely with: CIPP Senior M&E Manager, Mercy Corps Strategic Learning Manager, CIPP Senior Gender and Inclusion Officer and CIPP Program Manager
  • Location: The consultancy will require travel to Abuja, Plateau, and Kano states

Payment Terms

  • Mercy Corps will make payment based on agreed schedule through bank transfer. Mercy Corps will deduct WHT in line with government regulations.

Application Closing Date
16th May, 2022.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send thier CV and Cover Letter to: [email protected] using “Local Consultancy for CIPP” as the subject of the email.






Job Title: Engagement of a Consultant to Develop Yobe State Social Protection Policy Implementation Plan

Location: Damaturu,Yobe
Employment Type: Contract


  • The World Bank (WB) reported poverty as a complex human phenomenon associated with a low standard of living which has multiple dimensions, manifestations, and causes.
  • The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 1, seeks to end poverty everywhere and Target 1.3 seeks to implement nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all, and by 2030 achieve substantial coverage of the poor and the vulnerable persons.
  • Yet, according to the world social protection report an estimated 71% of the global population lack the requisite social protection coverage.
  • In Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Nigeria, social protection coverage is low and deserving citizens are missed, and therefore deserves the attention accorded nationally, and by State Governments.
  • Social protection is an important dimension in the reduction of poverty and multidimensional deprivation.
  • It is an approach towards thinking about the processes, policies and interventions which will make the poor less prone to poverty, less insecure and more able to participate in economic growth.
  • This is grounded in the view that the limited capacity of households and communities to protect themselves against contingencies threatening their consumption and investment plans (i.e., their vulnerability) is a major factor explaining poverty and underdevelopment. Social protection policies are always part of a broader set of policies – on macroeconomic stability, enterprise and employment development, health, and education – aimed (partly) at reducing risk and vulnerability and encouraging pro-poor growth.
  • The poor and deprived are not a homogeneous group: among them are people who are actively forging pathways out of poverty, but also people who have just become poor.
  • There are also people who are chronically poor, and who may pass their poverty on to the next generation. Vulnerability to shocks both makes people poor in the first place and keeps them poor in the long run.
  • The shocks poor people face can be economic, natural, political, environmental, and health related.
  • The deprivation that can follow from a shock or a series of shocks can have many dimensions: economic, social and political. A social protection approach can make a strong contribution, alongside other approaches, both towards preventing the slide into poverty and assisting with recovery, and towards the long-term reduction of poverty and multi-dimensional deprivation, as one way for chronically poor people or their children to escape poverty.
  • It is in this context that the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning, the coordinating organ of all projects, programmes and policies of government, has anchored the development of the Yobe State Social Protection Policy with all relevant stakeholders including development partners and civil society organisation.
  • In order to ensure that social protection is effective and sustainable the (Mercy Corp) is currently providing support for the development of implementation plan for the Yobe State Social Protection Policy. This plan is expected to outline the government’s social protection strategies and interventions to reduce poverty and vulnerability in an integrated, coherent, coordinated, and sustainable manner, prioritizing the reduction of extreme poverty and emphasizing long-term and predictable interventions. As part of this initial effort at strengthening the State’s policy environment, the need for development of an implementation plan to guide the implementation of the Yobe State Social Protection Policy has been identified by the state government. (Mercy Corps) hereby plans to support this process by providing consultant support.
  • The purpose of the Social Protection Implementation Plan is to operationalize the social protection measures of the YSSPP to engender inclusive growth and generate a more equal distribution of growth benefits. The operational guidelines are to provide direction for social protection-related interventions through financing, knowledge-based solutions, capacity building, and partnership to poor individuals, households’, and vulnerable groups in the state.
See also  Finance Officer at International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Following the completion of the development of the Yobe State Social Protection Policy, the main objective of this consultancy is to facilitate the development of social protection policy (SPP) implementation plan for Yobe State. The specific objectives are to:

  • Provide easy, clear, and simplified guides for developing YSSPP operational guidelines strategy and annual work plan schedule.
  • provide the staff of the YSSPP coordination and implementation MDAs and other programme functionaries clear and quick start-up, including programme ability to include dynamic inclusion.
  • standardise the YSSPP floors in terms of planning and execution in the different MDAs to include dynamic inclusion.
  • improve the operations of YSSPP to reflect equity at different operational levels
  • facilitate the process and periodic measurements of output and outcomes for improved and coordinated SP service delivery.

Under the direct supervision of the (Mercy Corps) and the Permanent Secretary MBEP, the consultant contracted for this assignment will perform the following tasks:

  • The division of YSSPP activities into years 1, to 5 considering the willingness of the government to provide an enabling environment for its implementation, enhance a periodic capacity development strategy of state and non-state SP actors towards sustained service delivery.
  • The operational guidelines highlighted the roles and responsibilities of the SP coordinating and implementing MDAs that would drive an incremental implementation of the intervention programmes
  • To identifies the MDAs that are key in future SP service delivery and capacity building.
  • To provides an adequate period for the SP strategies and the implementation of the policy to be achieved bearing in mind that resources are limited.
  • To provide a detailed account of how the government would gradually encourage an increase in donor support and the Private Sector participation in SP programme delivery services;
  • To provide basis for the review of the YSSPP, once in five years, to adequately ensure that the policy is even more comprehensive, robust, and aligned with global and national best practice.

Work Arrangements

  • The development of the implementation plan is to be anchored by the Yobe State Social Protection Policy Technical Working Group (YSSPP-TWG). The TWG has been constituted by the government. TWG is chaired by the Permanent Secretary MBEP and is made up of stakeholders form relevant MDA’s, civil society organizations and development partners. The TWG will be a critical reference point and engagement forum for this assignment.
  • One of the main functions of the TWG is that it is responsible for the development of the current YSSPP and all relevant research/analysis to identify and recommend policy priorities, options and direction for the policy, including overseen the development of the implementation plan. At the start of the assignment, the consultant will be expected to define the methodology, process and approach with the YSSPP-TWG.
  • The consultant will also be expected to work with the TWG to identify and agree on the major steps and timelines. During the assignment regular follow-up meetings with the TWG will be held to clear all outputs of the process. Depending on changes in the contexts and requirements the consultant maybe called upon to support additional steps.

Expected Outputs

  • The output of this consultancy is final draft Yobe State Social Protection Policy Implementation Plan.

Deliverables and Timelines

  • This assignment will be total of 60 working days and the table below provides details of key tasks, deliverables and timelines for this assignment
S/N Activities Responsible Mode of Execution Mode of Service Days
1 Desk Review Consultant online and other sources Offsite 7
2 Prioritisation of policy objectives and measures (focus on those that can be completed in the life span of the plan as key OUTCOMES) TWG with consultant advice Two day working session with TWG Offsite 2
3 Development of Rapid Assessment and other research or engagement instruments Consultant with technical review sub – committee desk work with consultations with TWG Offsite 4
4 Rapid Capacity Assessment of Social Protection MDAs and other entities to ascertain their capacity to effectively support the implementation of SP policy. Review will involve:

(a) All MDAs involved in SP delivery in Nigeria

programmes in the State

(b) NGOs and IDPs involved

(c) Corporate entities involved

(d) All existing active or docile community, traditional, religious and cultural structures supporting SP

(e) Individuals involved

(f) Appraisal of the Political Economy of SP in the Nigeria

Consultant, supported by TWG Field work – face-to-face engagements with top officials of identified MDAs and other entities Yobe State 5
5 Compile list of participants for strategic workshop in the course of engagements with MDAs and other entities Consultants and TWG To be done in the cause of rapid capacity assessment Offsite 2
6 Meeting with SP Council to:
(a) finalise list of participants and team lead for each outcome ahead of strategy workshop
(b) agree life span of strategic implementation plan through consultation with principal stakeholders
Consultants and TWG State engagement meeting Yobe State 2
7 Development of strategic implementation workshop agenda and templates especially:
(a) SP Management and Coordination
(b) strategic options and actions/activities – planning
(c) strategic direction
(d) Cost, funding and financing strategy
(e) Implementation capacity building strategy

(f) monitoring and evaluation and learning MEL strategy

(g) capacity building strategy

Consultants and Technical Working Group Planning meeting Yobe State 2
8 Field test templates Consultants and TWG Planning meeting Yobe State 2
9 Host high level strategic direction meeting to craft vision, mission and Goal of SP implementation Consultants and TWG High level strategic meeting Yobe State 2
10 Strategic workshop Consultants and Steering Committee Strategic Workshop Abuja or Yobe State 3
11 Synthesising and consolidation of strategic implementation plan document Consultants Meetings and desk work Offsite 6
12 Submission of draft implementation plan document Consultants Virtual Offsite
13 Post planning supports Consultants Depends on nature of support requested On/offsite 3
Total 40

Qualifications and Experience

  • A Master’s Degree or PhD in a field related to Social Protection (Sociology, Economics, Social Sciences, Public Policy and/or International Development Policy),
  • At least 15 years’ experience in policy analysis, Development, Social Policy, or other related fields
  • Previous research experience on poverty aid/development, experience in quantitative or qualitative data collection and analysis,
  • Previous experience in Social Protection Policy Development and Review
  • Previous experience in the development of social protection Policy Implementation/Operational Plan
  • Knowledge of and experience working in Nigeria with excellent understanding of the federal system and the Northeast
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required,
  • Ability to work independently and respond to feedback in a timely and professional manner,
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Familiarity with the overall policy and strategic context of Nigeria is an asset.
  • Good facilitation skills for internal and external consultations.
  • Strong analytical and good inter-personal communication skills; experience in participatory processes.
  • Professional command of English, both oral and written, good report writing skills.

Selection Criteria
Interested Consultant / firms should send the following:

  • Educational Qualifications
  • Experience implementing similar assignment in the past
  • Quote of work
  • Upon assessment, considered candidatewill be contacted for the next stage of the selection process.

Application Closing Date
16th May, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified consultant / Firms should send their Proposal submission to: [email protected] using the Title as the subject of the mail.






Job Title: Finance Archivist

Location: Abuja (FCT)
Reports Directly To: Senior Finance Officer
Works Directly with: Finance, Program, Operations and other MC support teams
Employment Type: Contract
Proposed start date: June 1st, 2022
End date: December 31st, 2022


  • The Mercy Corps Finance Department is responsible for all financial functions in Nigeria, including accounting, payments and banking, Payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, and srant financial management and compliance.
  • The Mercy Corps Finance Department ensures compliance with donor regulations as well as Mercy Corps Internal policies and procedures.
  • In its role as a support to the Programs and other Departments, the Finance Department provides timely reports and assistance to all departments, senior management and HQ to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Consultant Summary

  • Working in the Finance Department under the direction of the Accounting Manager and in close collaboration with the field Logistics/Administration offices and other support and program team staff.
  • The consultant will be responsible for accurate and well-organized Finance documentation both physical and electronic to suit internal and external users in line with Mercy Corps policies and procedures as melt as relevant regulatory requirements

Essential Job Functions

  • Understand Mercy Corps policies, procedures, giantrequirements and documentation requirements.
  • Understand Mercy Corps FFM, procurement, assets mgt, H R policies and procedures
  • Quality Control of financial Documents for completeness and proper referencing before archiving
  • Archiving of all physical financial documents after ensuring they are complete and fully approved and reviewed in accordance with the cut rent AAM.
  • Scanning and uploading of audit sample documents on google-drive and finance shared local-drive both for current and future uses.
  • Compiling necessary documents for review
  • Help with the process of Organizing and scanning document packages and other documents as requester by HO to be uploaded on relevant folders.
  • Assist in initial sorting and review of timesheets for coding, leave, holidays, etc.
  • Manage the Finance Archives and ensure monthly update of the Finance Archiving Index
  • Prepare scanned and photocopies of vouchers and other purporting documents as required for the monthly resorting package to HQ Finance.
  • Support audits (donor, internal, external and statutory) by retrieving and re-filing documents in a timely manner
  • File all cash and bank vouchers and maintain voucher filing system such that files are updated, complete and safeguarded.
  • Keeps record of all cash, bank, advances, and regularly updates
  • Prints off all payment vouchers and matches with the documents to be filed.
  • Makes sure all required documents are attached; calculations are correct, appropriate approvals and
  • reviews made per the AAM before payment of any cash or bank payments.
  • Match invoices/receipts with payment vouchers, GRN and other required. documents.
  • Keep all finance documents and reports are properly filed, labeled and stored in a clear and easily
  • accessible manner following FFM.
  • Be adaptable and flexible to take new tasks and new assignments as requested from time to time.
  • Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner .as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian. mission
  • Any Other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Experience

  • Diploma or Advanced certificate or its equivalent in Accounting, Management Science or a related field.
  • 1 year of experience in handling proper office documentation.
  • Office management skills is a plus
  • Computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel
  • Excellent oral and written English skills
  • Willing to travel to Mercy Corps offices and take temporary assignments.
  • Fluency in English, and Hausa languages will be an advantage.

Application Closing Date
13th May, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: [email protected] using the Job Title as the subject of the mail.







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