“My bf threatened to breakup if I don’t stop my business because his sister is doing the same business” – Lady laments


A Lady has disclosed that her boyfriend has threatened to break up with her if she doesn’t stop her business because his sister is in the same line of business with her.

In her own words;

“My bf of 3 years is not talking to me. This is someone I love so much in my heart of hearts. I started soap making and cream business and my bf was first supporting me. His sister saw my ig page and told him does it too.

Oga said I should stop it, I told him the sky is big , he said he is not interested that it’s somehow that am his sister competitor and all. He said I have to choose one the Business or him.

I don’t understand why I can’t do the business, my bf gives me allowance but the money is not enough. Have already gathered 2500 followers and people are paying. What do I do ? Please don’t ask me to leave him, I love him so much Just advice me.”

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Rejoice Okon: Sometimes in life we have to forget about love ND focus on how to get ourselves out of poverty first… any1 that dosnt support your growth dosnt deserve your friendship.bf ko..bf ni

Olori Olaliyian: I remember one guy that was asking me out then, I was into makeup and when he asked what I do for living I told him Make-up, oga said that’s his little sister work o that I have to look for another thing to do.

Me; 🙄🙄🙄 I never gree for you o, if I com gree nko? I will literarily worship the ground your family walk on!

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That was a big red flag for me, I ran for my dear life

Anselm Iziogo: When you are given two options, you must choose one. Is either you stop the business or break up with him.

Even the Bible says: “give what belongs to Ceasear to Ceasear and what belongs to God to God”. In other words, you can’t serve two masters at the same time.

My humble and wise advice though.

Isaac Nathan: He is not the right man for you tbh…. If he truly loves you he will respect and support your business or anything that concerns you irrespective the people involved in the same line of business in his Family

Adesoun Abosode: That’s why it’s good know someone very well before going to the altar so that at end of the day people will now be telling that “Marriage requires endurance and all sort of nonsense

How can a guy open his mouth and pour out that nonsense

Nibiliss Ebenizer: His head is not correct then🤣, this one is very obvious, you better avoid such a person. What concern you with his sister’s business when the sky is big enough for everyone to fly.

Fidelia Onyeka: Sometimes you have to forget about this thing called love and think of how to get ur self out of poverty… My sister leave that guy, the man that will cherish and love you will come..

Ali Chineye: The both of them should just getat. If he’s threatened, he should open another business for the sister.
Or sister, you can do aback turn for una relationship ooo. Coz this one will tell you to quit your job if they are paying you higher.

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In fact what do I know kwanu

Nicholas Preshy: Your growth is not important to him! Early sign of a toxic relationship…I guess he’ll meet other people doing the same business and force them to stop too🙄🙄🚶🚶🚶

Michelle Nsiba: Boyfriend, not even fiance or husband. Even if na husband sef. Very authoritative and selfish. My dear you’re dating yourself since your growth isn’t important to him.

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