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Today, as I start the journey of another year of my life, I have witnessed four decades and above. I am eminently qualified to lead Nigeria as a President that is if you guys will be willing to vote me into office. I also know that most of you are far qualified than myself to lead Nigeria considering your education and experience.

Nigeria as we have it today is a creation of injustice, wickedness, corruption and mediocrity. Nobody is sure of happy daily living in this country. Nobody is even sure of life because you can be killed at any point. Everything that is supposed to protect us and give us assurance for living has failed us. We are stranded and confused.

As Nigerians we are responsible for our daily survival. The government cares less of us. The government managed by politicians is there to protect and sustain the interest of the elite only.

The PDP and APC or any other political party is not the solution. I have realized though very late that partisan politics can’t help us. Launching attack against ourselves from our partisan standpoint is the creation of the elite politicians to distract us and keep us busy while they continue to devour loot and exploit our common resources.

As we approach 2023, our focus should not be to launch offensive attack against your opponents in other parties; rather we should focus on questioning all aspirants and candidates of our various political parties as to know their intent policies and programs. We must question them long enough until we are sure they mean business and mean well for us.


We must change our views, narratives and strategies. We must end violence, social media wars and embrace dialogue and mutual discuss. The era of partisan posture is gone.

Today, November 8 2019, as I officially launch David Oguzierem Nigeria Leadership Initiative (DONLIN). It will serve as a platform to teach, inspire, mentor and educate willing Nigerians youths on the need to strategically take over government and redeem Nigeria without violence.

We don’t need everybody thinking straight. Just very few us can serve as catalyst and inspire the change we need.
Just one young boy, less than 30 years at the time changed how we communicate and socialize. His name is Mark Zukerberg. He did not wait for the government or the professors or the elites. He just did it. We can do it to for Nigeria and Africa.

It is my desire that every man, woman, husband, wife, boy, girl, workers, businessmen, politicians, public servants, professional, diplomats and clergymen in Africa will come to realize the tremendous potential, capacity and intelligence for greatness that lies dormant within them.

It is on this premise that I invite you to partner with the David Oguzierem Nigeria Leadership Initiative (DONLIN) as we drive the five rescue mandate for Nigeria:

  1. To Nurture Giant Entrepreneurs
  2. To Raise Incorruptible Leadership
  3. To Inspire Good Governance
  4. To Invest In the Kingdom Business
  5. To Achieve Financial Freedom

Finally, we are totally yielded to God and Nigeria as agents of change to demonstrate his power to transform our Country in all facets. Let us therefore jointly reform, transform and rebuild our Nigeria.

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I there officially commission David Oguzierem Nigeria Leadership Initiative (DONLIN) in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

You are welcome on board.

Happy birthday to me.

David Oguzierem
Founder, DONLIN

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