”My children will have nothing to do with your Jesus Christ” – Nigerian Lady, Ezenwanyi Ebekuo declares.

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A female priestess has taken to her social media page to openly declare that her family will have nothing to do with the Christian GOD.

According to the lady who describes herself as a ”Spiritualist from Idemili, both her kids and her whole family won’t Serve JESUS CHRIST. Rather they will serve the god of her ancestor, as he owned a shrine during his lifetime.

She wrote;

“My children will have nothing to do with the Savior of the entire World, similarly as Christians Claim. Promptly my child gets to the age of 10, I will guarantee that I carry him to the waterway for legitimate purifying and filtration with the Gods. I will take him to my late Father’s Shrine “Arobinagu” for him to see them and find a sense of contentment with her mom’s Ancestors. It is currently my obligation to prepare him to cherish, regard and grasp these spirits since I have just seen his future”.

See her post below ;

See comments and reactions

Precious Onwuka: Haba not now na when the coming of the Lord is at hand whatever it is please let the innocent children that’s if Christ tarries know who JESUS is and all He has done for us and you too can repent and return to your maker.

Elizabeth Anosike: It was better u didnt say it, you just challenged God. And God never looses any battle. Your Children will be great & powerful ministers & preachers of the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.

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Ugonma Onyeulo: Jesus Christ is the only way truth and life. His kingdom has no end. He is the creator of all creatures. Believe in Him and you shall be save

Olawale Solomon: Though if JESUS ready to save anyone he know how he will,no matter how devilish or wickedness ones may be BUT he never forced anyone to serve him,But I pray God open your eyes to see and know the truth.

Ernest Eshiet: Please somebody should advice her the word of God is powerful or else something will happen to her family that she will call the name of Jesus Christ

Faithfulness Adjarho: Have them first, you will be shock to see your child becoming a blessed anointed son (pastor ) of the most High God…

Ifeanyi John: When you yourself encounter Jesus, you will have something do with HIM even before your children.
Mark my words!

Chi-Lotam Nnamdi: Everyone is entitled to his or her believe… She has decided on what she wants. Why can’t you guys Learn to let her be…. If Jesus works for you, that’s fine…. but stop bad mouthing People just because you believe your Jesus is the greatest. In Nigeria we have a lots of insanity religious people… thanks to my ancestors for helping me escaping that kind of insanity

Otuoye Chimaobibest: Unfortunately you can only speak for yourself,
The destiny of your children you cannot control,
They can only obey you at a tender age it will shock you when the time comes that they will have encounter with Christ they will be the ones to convert you.

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Jesus reigns 🙏

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