“My ex-boyfriend used to beat me till I start bleeding” – Nengi shares her domestic violence experience


Big Brother Naija Lockdown finalist, Nengi Hampson has shared her experience in the hands of her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Nengi made this disclosure in an interview with Exclusive TV. According to her, she used to date a man who used to beat her till blood starts oozing from her nose.

She said she was only 19 and didn’t know what she was doing at the time.

The 22-year-old model, who is a strong advocate for gender-based violence, condemned men who physically assault women over trivial issues that can be settled amicably.

She also promised to use her social media platform to create awareness and help other women going through such incidents.

In other news, Nengi hinted that she would no longer be tolerating questions about her relationship with her love interest, Ozo.

According to her, their relationship should be between them and it’s nobody’s business.

The beauty queen speaking at a recent event stated that what they share is strictly between the both of them and from henceforth wont be answering any further questions about their relationship.

She wrote;

“My relationship with Ozo is between the both of us and we know what we share. I don’t see the need to explain to anybody. I don’t expect anybody else to know”.

See comments and reactions

Emeka Uzoma: Umm…if a man lays a finger on you the first time and you choose to stay, the subsequent abuse is on you. The first time is one time too many, even if he’s your benefactor. You need to make a decision on whether to stay for material reasons or stay alive for your sanity and physical well-being.

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Danihillz Onjeh: I can believe her remember back then in day house she said ozo is too gentle and close to perfect for her leave women ooh even God doesn’t know what those pple really want in this life 😂😂✌️

Emily Cooper: She said this a long time ago in her diary section and you are only posting about it now, why do you guys want to set this girl up for drags, it’s unfair

Harbiodun Freshclown: Honestly I can’t say she’s lying, maybe because I like her. I remember when she said to Ozo that he’s too peaceful for her, any lady who has been in abuse relationship before and never met a guy so calm, cool caring, intelligent and perfect like Ozo ‘ll have the same thought. She can’t believe Ozo could be that perfect especially when they are all there to play a game, she might think that’s part of Ozo game. Saying this now when she might even lose Ozo I commend her for that, I just pray God perfect her future.

Chima Okeke: Domestic violence is no longer a problem to Nigerians since they can endure the governmental hardships violence and still be happy. So let’s move to another topic.

Angels Win: Nengi don’t be a confused beauty.. Is it not the same relationship you used as an excuse to not to date ozo, now you’re complaining here and there. From not picking your calls to been beaten. Madam, know what you want and go for it. Stop going round in circles

“My ex-boyfriend used to beat me till I start bleeding” – Nengi shares her domestic violence experience
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