“My ex-girlfriend bought me handkerchiefs for my birthday after showering her with presents” ~ Man narrates

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A Nigerian man identified simply as @k6rocks by his Twitter handle has narrated how he received a strange birthday gift from his ex-girlfriend.

The man young man explained that his ex-girlfriend had given him handkerchiefs as a birthday gift not long after he showered her with gifts.

He noted that he gave her gifts after he came back from the United Kingdom and instead she gave him handkerchiefs for his birthday.

“I remember when my ex bought me handkerchiefs for my birthday lol. This was after I just came back from the UK and showered her with gifts. It is well sha”, he tweeted

See comments and reactions:

Zaala Samuel: All I always pray to God is that my birthday should come before my girl own ….what she gave me on my day is what I will give her on her own day period😁😂😂😂😂

Maxwell Bonire: Those of us that haven’t gotten anything from GF on our birthday nko🙄🙄.. take the gift and keep it till her birthday too, give it back to her

Chi Ka: You should appreciate it o,it’s not an ordinary handkerchief,it’s a blessed handkerchief. If you place it on any part of the body that aches you,d pains will disappear,if you place on your empty wallet, wallet will be full again.😂

Mary Sambo: Chai, she was using style to tell you she’s leaving and you should use the handkerchief to wipe your tears…..lol
You never see anything my brother,. Mine even bought me a pen 🤣🤣🤣

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Bright Agu: Dating most Nigeria girls it’s time consuming and money consuming. On your birthday day u will be d one to spend and take her out. On her own birthday to same thing…

Chidera Paul: Chaiii, she ought to have added BOXERS and SINGLET to it cos its in their feminine constitution…. Over and out
Me wey my -ex give me TomTom and bitter kola as birthday gift nko? Inside life o…

Unique Kween: She bought for you handkerchief to dance cultural dance. Since a day after your birthday is Thanksgiving In Nigeria

Angel Ileyemi: Do you know if , she has done something that will make you get richer as long as you’re with the handkerchief

Sprincy Dancy: U will soon join the cultural dancers of your village, it’s remaining a yard of ankara material.

Kos-Trouble Walshak: She bought the handkerchief so that you will use it to clean your tears after breakup

Some girls are wicked my brother

Godstime Iyayi: Oga you no even thank God say you see something,cause for Naija girls Constitution, the birthday gifts for boyfriends are boxers and singlets,with handkerchief as jara.
On my own birthday,Na me spend money to take her out.

Ifis Pius: My darling boyfriend bought me 500ml bottled perfume on my birthday 😊 Each time I spray it and walk past my neighbours, they’ll be reacting laidis 👇 I no blame them, Na envy go kee them 🙄

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