MY FEAR; The Journey Of Life ~ Uzziel Nyekachi Nsiegbe


My fear comes in a unique form, a style that hurts me alone which is the fear of loosing friendship.

But one funny thing I learnt these olden years of mine is that people are not interested in friendship any longer, they are only tied to acquaintanceship, but in our lose of sense to the lack of definition of friendships.

we see everyone that come close to be close and that is the area we fall prey to the reliance of people.

The journey of life might be accompanied by the people you meet but are not destined to see the success ribbon on the finish line let alone to run side by side with you.

Our trust mechanism needs to be adjusted to the lowest scale of reference in order to expect less from people, our voice for their blind battles should be crossed examined for us not to go against their karma, your secrets should be kept with you till your last breathe.

We really need to understand that letting the odds play in our favour will be a thing of shock and surprise when we allow the ones we call our friends to act on our behalf when we are away or as assigned to do your bidding, it will never be the same.

And when we talk about hatred, they are the first with a bile filled with dislike for you, their hearts had never held the love without money for you, their hearts had never held the love without your success for you just fall and you will see their true colors painting your downfall with an exhibition to display your weaknesses.

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My advice is that you have to be your own friend, love yourself the best way you can, seek advises from books and proper research. Be your own kind of hero spurred by your imaginations.



Uzziel Nyekachi Nsiegbe


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