“My monthly period does not give me sign when it is coming” ~ Bobrisky

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Popular Nigerian male barbie and socialite Idris Okuneye, also known as Bobrisky, has always been someone who commands controversy due to his personality. The cross-dresser has shared a claim that would obviously get people talking

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Bobrisky claimed that he is currently on his monthly period. He noted that he got stained while heading out of his house.

According to the socialite, his monthly period does not give him any sign before it starts which caused the stain he got before going out.

In his bid to talk about how his monthly does not give him notice, he carried females along, noting that every girl’s monthly period does not give them sign before it starts.

See comments and reactions:

Angel Asomoah: You are insulting ladies to much, and also blaming God for making you a man. Honestly, guy you are so annoying.

Susan Garba: So in your mind now, you are feeling like you are truly a girl and expecting menstration? Taaaa common getaway you there.

Nwokocha Sandra: Who are we? How many times do you want us to reject you? You Are Not Among Us!!!! Don’t provoke me this morning oo

Favour Leon: Wonders shall never end🤦🙆, how will it give you sign when you are not born a female?

Too Chinwelite: Plastic menstruation you mean????😄
May God never give us this kind of son in Jesus name.. amen👏

Yop Davou: Mine gives me notice. You know Bobrisky doesn’t know yet cos he just became a she not quite long. He/she should stop generalizing it cos ladies are different, some gives notice while some dont. Our body chemistry differ Mr/Miss Bobrisky

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Evelyn Oluwakemi: Bob risky and Daniel Regha are two wasted souls although bobrisky is still better she has money, but Daniel is poor and hungry.

Monica Omotiga: He/she is possible for u not to see the sign because of your HE only she feel the sign. Got that into your oblongata.

Eze Ugo Onuohia: You better go back and take the money they used for your surgery. Tell them is not working

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