“Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person” ~ Iceberg Slim finally replies those who try to shame him for cheating on Juliet Ibrahim

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Nigerian Rapper, Olusegun Olowokere, popularly known as Iceberg Slim, has finally responded to critics trying to troll him for cheating on actress Juliet Ibrahim.

The Nigerian rapper took to his Instagram Story to address the “self-righteous” people who regularly call him out for cheating.

He wrote: “Na cheat I cheat, I no kill person.”
He added that he has “fallen into the trap of trying to explain” himself when what happened was no one’s business “but his and the person he was involved with.” He then went on to tell his critics that what happened in his past relationship is “NO ONE’s business.”

See comments and reactions:

Prince Samuel Integrity: See him head like that like local coconuts so what else are u looking for outside when u av a well endowed lady like Juliet

Adaora Roseline: Chaiiii what do some men really want?? You cheated on a whole Juliet Ibrahim?? Such a beauty and brain with who?? The girl he cheated on might not be half of what Juliet is to him. Nawa o

Taflon: Lol the matter don tire my guy imagine people attacking him are doing same behind closed doors hypocrites

Mhizta Koko: Yeah, there comes a time when you just got to move on after apologising and begging for forgiveness. And if the person doesn’t see that effort, there is no need to kill yourself on it. You are not upset, you just need to move on!!!

Heather Favour: That’s what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons ,marry someone cz she is light skinned or she is from a rich family and vice versa

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David Gold: Nomatter how beautiful a lady is, his man must cheat on her, All men cheats, its natural,julie would have forgave him.
Offset cheated on Cardi B, but she forgave him.

Adebisi Blessing: I could remember wen dis guy came to buy flowers from us at V I….. I wanted to ask him who he wants to give de flower, but wat do i know… I just took a selfie with him… And wave at him.

Brandon Pallibo: What does men want?
You’ll have a beautiful spouse, wife, girlfriend or partner! Yet you still cheat!
It’s alarming! Girls please we stand to be stabbed! LMAO

Kelvin Smart Enyinnaya: Is it not Naija??..They will come back again,after she must have finished dating Don Jazzy,Wande coal and Ikechukwu..then she finally go back to Berg,🙄🙄 Naija yeyebrities dates in a circle😂😂😂😂

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