“Never give up” – IG comedian, Cute Abiola says as he shares throwback photos of himself

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Popular Instagram comedian, Cute Abiola has shared some major throwback pictures of himself during his days of humble beginnings.

In the photos, the IG sensation who turned 24 recently, definitely wasn’t living his best life at the time and there’s a striking contrast between what he looked like then and now.

According to him, people shouldn’t give up cause there’s a reason. He uses his photos as reference.

In his words,


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Promise Amos: Thank God for him oh..same thing happened to me ..I started my business with 2 cups of garri now am very Rich and I own 10 warehouse that is full of garri ..I now have a house in VI..never give up ..always start small ..

Onyekaozura Chika: There said when money comes every problem in ur life bend down,,,I think that head of URS was a big problem Sha, the lips self eehhhh , Money can do wonders 😁😁😁😁 😁😁😁😁😁 who say money no good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Was just thinking ooooooooo don’t attack meooooo

Mercy Asukwo: Chaiii…the pix in the middle can give someone a very dangerous nightmare, we can manage the one at the right while the first is when we say of a truth the lord is good.

Elvis Parroti: God said in Isaiah 42:9-10, “The former things have come to pass and new things I now declare. Sing a new song unto the Lord.” God is saying the things you’ve been struggling with are coming to an end. The depression, the disappointment, the hurt, the loneliness, the bad habits, He’s about to put a stop to it. He’s going to do a new thing. But there’s one requirement. The last part of this verse is the whole key. If you’re going to see the negative come to an end and God do a new thing, then you have to sing a new song.

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Susana Agbortabi: Money can recreate somebody . The two picture looks like two different persons where as is one man but in two different conditions poverty and money

Xander Bsenior: See eh, money dey shape head

If u have money the shape of ur head go balance, bcos poverty can unbalance ones head to something unimaginable.

Just see the center pics na

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