Newly wedded man returns wife to her parents in Edo, says her private part is too wide

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A newly wedded man has thrown residents of Ebelle community in Edo State into a state of wonderment after he reportedly returned his wife to her parents days after tying the knot.

His reasons? The woman’s vagina was too wide.

According to the reports, seen in various online blogs, the man, identified as Osamudiame Iyobosa, told his in-laws his wife’s vagina will swallow him up if nothing is done about it.

The man, who dropped his wife at her parents’ house in Ubiaja in a green coloured Golf 4, told his in-laws that many people must have slept with Edeki for her virginal to be that wide.

The couple before now were living at the upper mission road in Benin city.

It was said that Edeki was merely recommended to Iyobosa.

However, a man who sells palm wine near Ubiaja market, reportedly admitted that the man may be right.

According to him, Edeki was a well-known flirt in the neighbourhood and that no indigene would have married her.

He said they were all surprised when Iyobosa came from Benin to marry her.

Some young girls even started flirting saying that flirts are the most lucky ones using Edeki as an example of a lucky flirt.

See comments and reactions:

Esuikot Obediah: I guest the woman is a Fulanis. The empirical test has discovered that they have the deepest and widest vagina

Ayeni Chris: You don’t just pass a guilty verdict on the lady. Have you confirmed the size of the husband penis? If he has a small sized penis, then the lady is not at fault. Each should go their ways in search of corresponding size to his/her own.

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Kayode Aderemi: That is their personal issue not the public opinion, but why the online news media like the Nation is so useless to air stories.

Elo Collins: Maybe de man carry him car to the car park he dont no dat de wife is outside open her legs to hav fresh air de huby drive inside dere after he discovered and sen her back nah

Mega Kingsley: Oga don’t blame the well for being too deep, but rather blame the rope for being too short. And you Madam, why did you allow the public to fetch so much from it?… Now it has got dried and deep.🤷🤷

Daniel Asuquo: This are some of the reason you must test them before married, thank God for my love, I always use oil before we do it😎😎😎😎😎

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